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Kumport Looks To Develop As Leading Transfer Hub

Kumport looks to develop as leading transfer hub

Kumport Looks To Develop As Leading Transfer HubSource: PortSEurope

Kumport, Turkey (PortSEurope) November 28, 2018 – Kumport Limani (Kumport)  CEO Özgür Soy has stated that the port is growing together with its customers and plans to become the number one transfer hub of the Black Sea.

Turkey is also present in the mid-point of China’s new Silk Road which makes it attractive for Chinese investments.

In 2015, a consortium of CHMI (26%), Cosco (26%) and CIC (13%) acquired 65% of Kumport.

Kumport, which started operations in 1994 with only general and bulk cargo services, was transformed into a container port in 2002 when Maersk and Turkon started to use the port.

Soy said that the size of ships in the world has changed constantly and now vessels with a capacity of 20,000 TEU containers are in service. For this reason, ports need to make investments to handle these ships. “We’ve recently ordered two major cranes at Kumport. It is important how many rows the ships are laterally. You have to have the appropriate cranes. Ships with a capacity of 20,000 TEU containers in 24 rows. The cranes we ordered are fit for this. Delivery will be made in 2019”, he added.

Kumport handled 1.1 million TEU containers last year, and this is expected to be 1.3 million TEUs this year. Kumport has a port capacity of 2.1 million TEU.

Source: Deniz Haber

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