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La Spezia Container Terminal And ARMS Srl Test Automation For Refrigerated Containers

La Spezia Container Terminal and ARMS srl test automation for refrigerated containers

La Spezia, Italy (PortSEurope) January 26, 2021 – LSCT (La Spezia Container Terminal) and ARMS srl have carried out a test on an automated system to perform plug and unplug operations on refrigerated containers. Functional tests of the ARMS 121 prototype took place from 11 to 15 January at La Spezia Container Terminal. ARMS srl is amstart-up, set up in 2019 in Genoa to develop, build, and install innovative robotic connection systems and remote
monitoring and transmission of data within the terminals and onboard of the ships. The ARMS 121 prototype is an automatic coupling system of the reefer containers to the power supply and consists of a mechanical arm (to be installed at the terminal power supplies) and a “Plug Box”, to be installed as a “retrofit” on the container. The use of this automated plug / unplug system allows to operate remotely with consequent benefits in terms of security, continuity, and timeliness of the control of the operating process and in terms of precision in data collection. The spread of the Plug Box in the main global container terminals will be the key to releasing the benefits of automation in the logistics chain. “I am very grateful to the LSCT team, who provided us with support and assistance so that the tests could be carried out effectively and in total safety. This collaboration has proved very useful in identifying further areas for improvement of the system that we are preparing to make. We were also able to benefit from the objective criticism of the LSCT experts which is crucial for the success of our project.” Fulvio Pellegrotti, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ARMS said. Alfredo Scalisi, CEO of LSCT, said: “Once again LSCT proves itself to be a driving force of innovation in the search to improve service to its customers and has found in ARMS a partner professionally capable of meeting these ambitions. Continuous improvement, which makes La Spezia Container Terminal one of the most efficient terminals also at an international level, appears to be the main objective of the entire management. I congratulate the LSCT staff who collaborated in identifying points for improvement in the project and with ARMS for the innovative prototyped and tested idea within our port spaces.” LSCT is part of Contship. Source: Contship Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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