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Maritime Regions To Be Involved In EU Platform On Maritime Investment

Maritime regions to be involved in EU Platform on maritime investment

Source: European Commission
The European commission has published a call for tender for the development of a European platform on maritime investments. This call specifically states that maritime regions and their investment tools, notably the ERDF, will have to be included in this platform’s activities. This recognition of maritime regions is partly the result of discussions over the past few years between experts from the CPMR’s member regions and the
European Commission. These discussions have given regions the opportunity to work with the Commission to ensure their views are effectively articulated and included in the platform. In May this year, the CPMR held a meeting with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG Mare) to talk about the the creation of the new European platform and its joint initiatives with regions. Following this, in July this year, a meeting was held between the European Commission and political representatives from the EU CLIPPER project, which involves the CPMR. At this meeting, led by Fife Council, in Scotland, and the Pays de la Loire region, the specific views of the regions in relation to European investment tools was presented. The proposal published by the European Commission states that the platform will pursue the objectives below. The CPMR will continue its work to involve its regions in the following activities: The creation of a community which would reassemble enterprises, private and public investors, clusters and maritime networks. Networking activities aimed at facilitating project financing will be organised, with the support of an electronic platform and conferences on the model of the Blue Invest Conference in May 2018. The conferences and workshops will be held simultaneously at European level as part of the maritime ponds. The European Commission has already organised a conference of this type in Galicia in the Atlantic last October, and is planning another on in Malta in January 2019;Coaching services for enterprises, aimed at helping them prepare their investment files designated to private and public investors, in which the European Bank investments;Support for the EASME agency to identify experts for the evaluation of calls from the EMFF about innovative technologies and the blue economy services;Identification of a variety of maritime projects for the European Commission, which could potentially be financed by private or public investors;The development of a proposition for a new modality of European funding for the blue economy. This could take the shape of a fund dedicated to the blue economy. Source: CMPR

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