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Anaklia Port Business Model To Be Revised By MTBS

Anaklia port business model to be revised by MTBS

Source: Anaklia Development Corporation
Anaklia, Georgia (PortSEurope) May 18, 2021 – The Ministry of Economy has said that Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) will update business model for Anaklia deep sea port in about 8-9 weeks. The Anaklia deep sea port has been mired in controversy for over a year. In January 2020, the new port project contract with the Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) was cancelled by the
government surrounding concerns around financing and project progress. The deadline for obtaining the funding had been postponed six times, the government claims. ADC won the state tender to construct the Anaklia Deep Sea Port with the government in 2016 and construction started in 2017. ADC has challenged the government’s actions. MTBS will revise the business model, including projected cargo volumes, the marketing strategy and propose a public-private partnership. The ministry said that by the end of this year it will issue an expression of interest and select a new investor for the port project. Initially, the Georgian government had hoped to develop a deep sea port which would become a leading transit hub in the Black Sea. Subsequently, the port would have a key role in regional transport corridors and cargo transiting between Asia and Europe. A role in China’s New Silk Road is sought. MTBS is a leading Dutch international finance and strategy consultant in port business solutions. Further relevant PortSEurope reading: Analysis – Georgia helped Russia sink Anaklia Deep Sea Port project – Can Poti replace it? – January 3, 2021 Anaklia Development Consortium accuses government of favouring Poti port – October 28, 2020 Anaklia Development Consortium issues statement regarding government’s own admission that any new port tender will likely to fail – October 8, 2020 Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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