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Marseille Fos Port Launches Public Consultation For ZSP2 Project

Marseille Fos port launches public consultation for ZSP2 Project

Marseille Fos Port Launches Public Consultation For ZSP2 ProjectSource: PortSEurope

Press Release – Marseille Fos – Port launches public consultation for ZSP2 Project – November 20, 2018

The Port of Marseille Fos has seen an increase in its container traffic of 15% between 2012 and 2016 to reach 1.4 million TEU in 2017, making it one of the best European performances.

The strategic scenario was developed based on an assumption of a steady and reasonable increase in traffic containers, in the light of available information on market behavior. The port expects a traffic of 1.5 million TEU in 2018, to be realized. This very favourable development for the economy and the jobs of the territory requires a special attention to ensure proper integration into the local context of the port authority and of the Graveleau container cluster.

As of today, the port of Marseille Fos has identified the need to provide management solutions to certain situations encountered on the outskirts of Port Saint Louis du Rhône. In addition, the saturation of the area current dedicated to storage, repair and container maintenance activities Emissions and Carrier Services (ZSP 1 Port Services Area over 21 hectares) is likely to penalize traffic growth.

The developments designed by the port as part of this project will enable:

  • to avoid the dispersion of empty container service activities and therefore the the territory of the territory, the increase in traffic jams (road transfers between logistics areas), and their impact on the roads, by offering a space dedicated to the heart of the logistics pole;
  • To accompany the increase in traffic by: improved services for trucks and trailers (car parks, parking areas services); the development of modal shift towards the railway (railway yard and terminal rail and road); improved access to terminals to avoid the risk of repercussions on the public road network.

The extension project of this Port Services Zone, the so-called ZSP 2 project, plans to create by 2020 a 28-hectare platform dedicated to activities related to empty containers (storage, cleaning, repair) and, on approximately 20  additional hectares, the development of various rail modal shift functions, and carrier services (trailer storage, chassis, improved access and control structures).

The consultation process for this project begins with a public meeting in the framework of prior consultation.

Source: Marseille Fos

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