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Marseille Port Announces Winners Of Smartport Challenge

Marseille port announces winners of Smartport Challenge

Marseille Port Announces Winners Of Smartport Challenge

Marseille, France (PortSEurope) February 11, 2019 – Grand Port Maritime of Marseille (GPMM) has announced the winners of the Smartport Challenge have been proclaimed by the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, whose projects aim to raise the digital and environmental performance of the port.

They are:

1. The research and development company Navalgo was chosen to take up the challenge proposed by CMA CGM, to improve the communication of information between the various actors of the chain to reduce congestion at the entrances and exits of the container terminals.

2. The research firm Capsim will work on EDF (Electricité de France SA)’s challenge to offer a shore connection based on locally produced renewable energies, by addressing the problem of storage. The idea is to connect ships by controlling the price per kilowatt hour.

3. The French-German company Searoutes will try to provide the GPMM with a powerful eco-calculator to help shippers make decisions about the choice of ports and modes of pre- and post-routing terrestrial. It will also need to determine the funding model for this application.

4. Nauvelis, infrastructure builder in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) will try to solve the question posed by La Méridionale. The shipowner wants to be able to transmit the position of the trailers to the truck drivers and make his RFID tag system (or radio-tags) interoperable with road carrier tour management applications.

5. The specialized auditor Egerie will work with Naval Group to map all the computer systems used by the port to establish a cyber risk protection plan.

6. GreenCityZen, a developer of IoT and artificial intelligence solutions, will help Interxion measure the battery charge of its data centers at lower cost and lower environmental impact.

7. MKTX Datos Europe will work to allow Hammerson to pool the existing data to inform the harbor passengers of everything that may concern them during their stay at the shopping center des Terrasses du Port, from the commercial offers to the practical data. concerning their transport.

The Smartport Challenge initiative involving Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille-Provence (CCIMP), the University of Aix-Marseille, the prefecture and the local authorities (region and metropolis) aims to “reinforce the excellence of the port in the fields of port logistics , energy performance and digital solutions “, which constitute the frame of the French Smart Port in Med concept. It must also “increase the visibility of the territory internationally through concrete achievements”, insisted the speakers, including President of the GPMM, Christine Cabau-Woehrel.

The challenge requires answers to seven challenges posed by organisation around the port. The are:

  • How to optimize the container output operations of a terminal by using the available data? (CMA CGM);
  • How to establish a port cyber-mapping? (Naval Group);
  • How to interface a carrier’s route management system with the RFID tag on the trailer and its docking location? (La Méridionale);
  • How to better inform users on and around the port? (Les Terraces du Port);
  • How to rely on renewable energies for connecting ships to the electricity grid? (EDF);
  • How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport? (Marseille Fos); How to measure the battery capacity with a low-cost sensor? (Interxion)

Source: L’Antennae

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