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Marseille Port Present Recovery Plan

Marseille port present recovery plan

Source: Marseille Fos
Within the framework of the economic revival and of support to the port activity, the whole area of the port is undertaking immediately applicable commercial measures worth more than €6.5 million – September 17, 2020 Through this strategy, Marseille Fos wishes to send a strong signal to its customers and to the public at large. Around a commitment pact for Recovery and Competitiveness, seven lines
of action have been prioritised. For each of these, the port area will implement, in the coming months, concrete and innovative actions and innovations in the following areas: Fluidity, in order to improve the fluidity of the port passage, on both land and sea sides, a key element in the chain logistics and for the attractiveness of the portReliability and customer information, in order to offer Marseille Fos’ customers measured reliability and objectified ;The environment, in order to intensify, optimise and enhance the efforts and investments made in to an ever greener port, at the service of the blue economy;Safety and security, in order to ensure the optimum conditions for the safety and security of goods and people, an essential requirement for the port’s customers;The development of new services, in order to enrich the customer experience.Developments and investments, in order to develop reception capacities and offer clients competitive and adapted logistics and industrial solutions;Business development, in order to support Marseille Fos’ customers through measures and attractive offers. Accompanying Marseille Fos shipowner customers In an economic context constrained by sanitary measures and where competition between European ports is lively in some sectors, the port has chosen to focus initially on the attractive commercial measures, financed by the Port of Marseille Fos. Since 1 September 2020, commercial measures taken by the port of Marseille Fos have applied to container, Ro-Ro, Ropax international and car carrier sectors: Up to 30 % reduction in port charges for the RoRo, Ro-Pax international, Car and Car Carrier sectors from September and for 3 months, extending the action carried out from April to JuneUp to 50 % reduction in port dues for the container sector for 4 months from September onwards 2020.Additional 50% rebate of port dues for the container sector for operations of transshipment in Fos for 4 months from September 2020 In addition to these measures, discounts on parking fees for vessels that are detained as well as that a moratorium on terminal convention penalties is applied: Moratorium on penalties linked to traffic targets: Some terminal agreements provide for the payment of penalties in the event of failure to meet the traffic target. The Port of Marseille Fos has exceptionally waived the application of penalties. Discount on parking fees: Following the cessation of activities, ships, in particular those of cruises, have remained parked in the basins of Marseille. Adapted pricing has been implemented by the Port of Marseille Fos so as not to penalise economic operators already in the market, strongly affected by the consequences of the health crisis. “Through the implementation of exceptional trade measures, we want to send a strong signal to our customers that we are not prepared to accept the consequences of this crisis. To customers, support them concretely, accompany them in the recovery. They have placed their trust in us and we must be present. We also want to attract other players looking for high-performance tools and sharing our values. Be a responsible company. Together with the port authorities and the companies in the area, we are mobilised in the same dynamic as the Commitment Pact that we set up at the beginning of 2020,” explains Hervé Martel. Supporting shipper customers by enabling them to better manage their logistics flows via CI5. The Commitment Pact also welcomes a new signatory company. This is MGI, a leader in the design and implementation of digital solutions in the field of logistics. The Cargo Community System CI5, developed in Marseilles, is a competitive lever for shippers since it allows them to manage their logistics flows by having direct access to information about their goods. MGI is offering entry rights to all new shippers connecting to Ci5 now anduntil the end of 2020. These entry fees allow access to the system and entry into the MGI community.In order to help shipper customers get started, the first month of subscription is free. The loader menu allows you to: for export, find out the loading date and obtain the fiscal proof of exit from the territory, and on import, to visualise the date of arrival of the goods, enabling to anticipate and therefore optimise pre- and post-transport by land. This commercial offer responds to the traceability and tracking needs of shippers and provides them with a module which ensures this sharing of information while guaranteeing data security. “MGI is committed to working alongside the port to support our users in the recovery. We are proud to offer new digital connectivity services to our shipper partners, for greater traceability and of fluidity in their supply chains”, says Rémi Julien, Chairman of the MGI Board of Directors. A long-term commitment In addition to exceptional and immediate tariff measures, the commitment pact also covers operational improvements between actors. It will be enriched by new collective measures in the next few weeks in particular on fluidity, reliability and the environment. “This Marseille-Fos Commitment Pact symbolises the profound solidarity that binds all the businesses in the market place, port and which makes it unique in France. We are a close-knit community and it is by acting all and in a concerted manner, that we will succeed in keeping up the distance as France’s leading port and one of the first in Europe, during this unprecedented period, which resembles more a marathon than a race of speed”, said UMF President Jean-Claude Sarremejeanne. About the Port of Marseille Fos A major player in international trade, located on two European transport corridors, the port of Marseille Fos is positioned as the gateway to southern Europe. The synergy of its two basins reinforces Marseilles as a port of proximity in the Mediterranean for goods and passengers while that Fos is characterised by its dynamics as a world port for industry and logistics dedicated to the large intercontinental flows. Today a global hub for data in an ever more territorial approach smart, the European leader in shore power and LNG ship refuelling, the port of Marseille Fos is banking on sustainable economic growth through responsible industrial development and innovative, favouring the circular economy. The dynamics of the port projects in the two basins today more than ever reinforce the role of the port in the development of the economy. structuring the port of Marseille Fos within its metropolitan area and its influence on the chessboard of the world’s ports. About UMF The Union Maritime et Fluviale de Marseille-Fos (UMF), France’s leading port authority, is an organisation professional associations comprising 24 professions and 13 professional associations, totalling more than 450 companies linked to maritime and industrial port activity. The UMF’s members represent 25,000 direct jobs. As a major economic player in the region, UMF is involved in all major development projects, and is a key player in the region’s economy carries out its role as an expert in matters concerning maritime and multimodal trade. In particular, the UMF acts for economic growth by promoting innovation and the digitalisation of the logistics chain, by working for the enlargement of the hinterland and the development of modal shift, and by supporting all initiatives that contribute to making Marseille Fos a “green port”. About MGI MGI is a leader in the design and implementation of digital solutions in the field of logistics. (One-stop, multi-stakeholder global solution, Cargo Community System (CCS) or Port Community System (PCS) with Ci5 (latest generation of CCS) that digitises port processes and connects the whole system actors in order to optimise and fluidify the transport of goods. Big Data, blockchain, cyber security and artificial intelligence are at the heart of our thinking for offer the best CCS and thus improve the fluidity of the port passage and avoid port congestion. Solutions / Services: Ci5, Channel5, m-Customs (ICS declarations), Audit and consulting missions, EDI / EAI and training. Set up in the port of Marseille-Fos in 2018, La Martinique in 2019, Mayotte, Bordeaux, Dunkirk and Sete in 2020; the majority of French ports are equipped with Ci5. Source: Marseille Fos Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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