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Marseille Port Pushes Ahead With Electricity Supply To Docked Vessels

Marseille port pushes ahead with electricity supply to docked vessels

Marseille Port Pushes Ahead With Electricity Supply To Docked VesselsSource: Marseille Fos

Marseille, France (PortSEurope) June 30, 2019 – Already effective on the quays of the Corsican ferries, the electrical connection of the ships to quayside its development on all the basins of Marseille for its quays ferries ship repair by 2022 and for cruising docks between 2022 and 2025 is scheduled.

The port of Marseille Fos is preparing to invest nearly €20 million in two phases for better air quality in Marseille. “Air pollution in Marseille is a real subject that the port of Marseille Fos has taken into consideration since the early 2000s. We have taken the path of ecological transition and the air quality of Marseille is a strong concern for the entire port community. The port of Marseille Fos is a leading economic vector and generates 42,000 direct jobs in the department of Bouches du Rhône alone. We are facing two major issues: maintaining economic growth of the port to generate wealth on one of the most poor of our country and act on the quality of the air of the residents. We are convinced that the ecological transition is a source of economic growth. That’s why we invest strongly, with the state and the local authorities on the acceleration of the electrical connections of ships docked, to make the port of Marseille Fos the first port of the Mediterranean 100% electric from here 2025 “says Hervé Martel, Chairman of the Management Board of the port of Marseille Fos.

In Marseille, Friday, June 28, the Marseille Fos Port Supervisory Board unanimously adopted an investment operation for the realization of electrical installations which allow for new connections for equipped vessels during their stay at the piers in Marseille and Cape Janet International Passenger Terminal on repair terminals naval gate 4 and on the cruise terminal of the mole Léon Gourret.

Thus, in anticipation of regulations and to respond to the environmental and health issues of the territory, the port de Marseille Fos deploys an offensive supply strategy via an investment that will reach €20 million. Complementary commercial, fiscal and regulatory work is required already committed in making the connections effective as soon as possible by offering port customers an attractive global offer adapted to their challenges. A zero atmospheric emission solution for better air quality connecting ships to the terrestrial electrical network offers the best environmental response, given the French energy mix, compared to other solutions because it allows the removal of pollutants (mainly SOx, NOx and particulates) and greenhouse gases.

It is also a question of allowing a better integration of the port in the city, and to maintain even develop employment closer to residential areas. Technical constraints overcome by proven know-how. The Port of Marseille Fos is the leader in terms of connecting ships to the wharf. Unique port of France and Mediterranean to have installed the regular electrical connection of ships to the wharf, the port of Marseille Fos has developed technical and operational skills allowing it to consider pragmatically the work of future installations. After having developed solutions connection in 50 Hz in low voltage many years ago, then in high voltage, always in 50Hz, for the Corsican ferries of La Méridionale since 2017 and Corsica Linea in 2019, the next aim is to take a new step with the implementation of solutions allowing the connecting vessels requiring more power or having more electrical characteristics complex, especially for Cape Janet international ferries and cruise ships or in the form of a refit.

Indeed, the main technical issues are on the one hand the levels of power and on the other hand the frequency conversion from 50 to 60 Hz to match that of cruise ships. It will therefore be a question of doubling the energy power of the port and of converting it. The port of Marseille Fos: electricity already 100% renewable The port of Marseille Fos delivers electricity to ships from the ENEDIS national network. he electricity with a 100% renewable guarantee of origin, thus allowing the best environmental benefit. The ambition of the Port in the coming years will be to produce from its photovoltaic roofs, a 100% self-consumed energy that it will reinject into its network internal. A specific file on this subject will be presented to a Supervisory Board of the Port of Marseille Fos before the end of the year.

Source: Marseille Fos

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