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Meeting Of Greek Prime Minister With Ministry Of Infrastructure And Transport

Meeting of Greek Prime Minister with Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

The Prime Minister met today with the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, continuing the contact cycle for the evaluation and planning of government work – February 12, 2020 During the meeting they discussed steps taken to launch and implement major infrastructure projects, such as the new Heraklion Airport in Kasteli, the E65 motorway and the Crete North Road. One of the main
priorities of the Ministry was the unblocking of development projects and privatizations, where delays were observed in previous years, thereby prolonging the suffering of the citizens and the financial burden on the state. Immediate post-election measures to protect and support the eye-stricken community were also reviewed, such as clearing the plot where 20,000 tonnes of burnt material had been abandoned. The recent passage of the law on waterways was also on the table. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport estimates it is very likely that the first licensed aqueduct will be operational before next summer. In the coming period, inter alia, interventions are planned to streamline public administration functions with the aim of speeding up the tendering process for the award of public works contractors, studies and service projects. New tools will be introduced to reduce the cost and time of completion of public works, while improving their quality. Emphasis is placed on activating the Independent Civil Aviation Authority, which will be an evolution of the Civil Aviation Authority. Also on the agenda is the preparation of a new Strategic Road Safety Planning, combined with the amendment of the Road Traffic Code, and the upgrade of the country’s transit role through the development of the supply chain. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Kostas Karamanlis, the Deputy Minister Yiannis Kefalogiannis, the Deputy Minister under the Prime Minister, the Government’s Project Coordination Officer, Akis Schertzos, the Secretary General and the Secretary General Development Policies, Vicky Loizou, Deputy Secretary General for Infrastructure, George Karagiannis and Secretary General for Transport, Nikos Stathopoulos. In his introductory remarks, the Prime Minister stated: “Welcome to the annual planning of the government’s work on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for 2020. We had the opportunity, moreover, to speak very recently, on the occasion of our visit to Crete, with the foundation of the Kasteli airport and the announcements we have now made about the North Road. As the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport leaves its footprint across the country with a number of important projects underway, I believe that today’s discussion and planning of the government’s 2020 project is of great interest to all citizens. To make a single introductory comment on the occasion and the very interesting ceremony we attended, on the occasion of the receipt of the first new Aegean aircraft: How important are the interventions concerning the Civil Aviation Authority, the rationalization of the service and the need to make the necessary arrangements so that we do not have delays in managing the national airspace in 2020, as this will be an important obstacle to our tourism movement. But we have a lot to talk about, so welcome back and look forward to what you have to say. “ Project report from July 2019 ● Ministerial Decision to clean the land with a burning eye – the day after the CIP – but also to set up the “Eye Again” company● Adoption of provisions that “unblocked” driving licenses examinations● Increase the frequency of STA routes. Hi. – maintenance and repair of inactive buses and trains, increasing the number of active fleets available – opening of metro stations; BSEC as part of their transport work, in their respective KTEL● Establishment of the National Infrastructure Register (Article 10, Law 4635/2019).● Resolving the issues of organization, operation and supply of road material to the OECD● Adoption of laws for ratification of transnational Mutual Recognition Driving Agreements between Greece and other countriesνομο Adoption of the water bill● Announcement of tenders, for parts of BOAK● resolved, in cooperation with the European commission, projects nationwide infrastructure, aiming the possibility of opening their execution (eg highway Patras – Pyrgos, airways omio Kastelli, highway E65)● Finding financial tools for the implementation of large flood, road and port projects, but also for Kastelli● Suspension increasing toll on Attiki Odos● Agreement with the concessionaires of the high – closed motorways for the implementation of the interoperability of the electronic tollsεργ Work on the tolls on the Egnatia Motorway continued and the remaining stations started. At the same time, a JMD was issued for the launch of the integrated stations and the pricing policy to be followed by the company. Key actions to be completed or to begin in 2020 In cooperation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), planned to be put into immediate operation, the Independent Authority for Civil Aviation to complete the conversion of Civil Aviation to air navigation service providerModification of traffic rulesΝηση Preparation of a new Strategic Road Safety PlanningImplementation of the Strategic Transport Action Plan in Greece – aim to set up a Strategic Planning Unit within the MinistrySpeed ​​up the bidding process for the award of public works contractors 4412/2016Development of the logistics chain, with the aim of strengthening the country’s role as a transit hub – planning for “green logistics”Creating sustainable urban transport systems, using Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SBAK) and wider environment modesNew tools to improve project quality and reduce costs and completion time: Draft critical infrastructure lawκαι Updating and implementing the Nation Greek Rail Regulatory and Organizational FrameworkIntroduction of unsolicited proposals on the initiative of the private sectorΟδ Road works (road and rail): Patras – Pyrgos, E65, BAKAK, Thessaloniki Ring Road Upgrading, Kasteli Airport, Northern Greece Railway Construction, Completion of the Greek Rail Subway and the Southern Greek Rail Link, to make them more citizen-friendly (in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance) Source: Government of Greece

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