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More Controversies About The LNG Terminal At Brindisi Port

More controversies about the LNG terminal at Brindisi port

Brindisi, Italy (PortSEurope) October 19, 2020 – Gazzetta del Salento has reported on the controversies facing a new liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal in Brindisi port. The preliminary project presented by Edison SpA on December 18, 2019, provides for the construction of an LNG storage and refuelling station for ships and for distribution for other uses in Southern Italy, at the root of the Costa
Morena Est quay. The problem to be solved is one of the location of the plant. In this regard, an alternative hypothesis has emerged with respect to the Costa Morena Est quay, namely that of the Colmata di Capobianco. Edison company presented the project on 8 October at the headquarters of the Brindisi Port System Authority, as part of an institutional discussion forum that took place with the mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi, representatives of associations involved in port activities and some actors from local politics. Interviewed by the local Brindisi Report, the president of the port authority, Ugo Patroni Griffi, expressed great satisfaction for the unanimous yes expressed by all those present, as long as it is made compatible with existing port activities. However, he expressed strong doubts about the location in the Costa Morena Est area. In fact, the municipal administration intends this area to be used as a customs-free zone within the Zes (economic zone). The meeting had no decision-making authority – this matter lies with the Ministry of Economic Development. Representatives of Italia Viva party expressed their opinion on the topic: ”We are starting from Edison to construct Brindisi 2030. We are sure that there is a design, an idea and a lot of willingness to do good. The economic development and well-being of a port city cannot be disconnected from its port”. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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