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More Than 120 Ideas Received For Spain’s Ports 4.0 Innovation Fund

More than 120 ideas received for Spain’s Ports 4.0 innovation fund

Madrid, Spain (PortSEurope) October 3, 2020 – The Ports 4.0 innovation fund has closed the submission deadline for ideas with more than 120 registrations. It is part of the Innovation Plan for Transport and Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), and constitutes the most important project for the adaptation of the Spanish logistics-port sector to the 4.0 economy. Francisco Toledo, president
of Puertos del Estado, considers that the innovation fund is already a success, in view of the amount of ideas presented and the advice requested for projects. The budgetary allocation for 2020, financed entirely through the Interport Compensation Fund, through an additional 1% contributed by the 28 Port Authorities, is €12 million. The fund provided or Ideas is €500,000, the unit aid being €15,000, which means that the offer has quadrupled. Jointly, KPMG and Innsomnia begin the process of analysis and final selection. In the case of ideas, the aid will consist of a fixed and invariable amount of €15,000 and the possibility of accessing the idea incubation or advisory services to facilitate its business growth. The next milestone in the Ports 4.0 roadmap is set on October 28, the deadline for submitting projects in the pre-commercial phase and in the commercial phase will end. In the first case, the aid will consist of a maximum amount of 60% of the costs associated with the innovation component, with a maximum limit of €1 million, in the second case, the aid will consist of a maximum amount of 80%, with a maximum limit of €2 million. Toledo noted that Ports 4.0 was born from the Spanish public port system, which means that the port authorities have carried out their task well, detected the need for innovation and being aware of its importance to compete in world logistics routes in the future immediate, adding that the private sector will multiply the effect of the initiative. Since the opening of the Ideas and Projects submission deadlines, a total of 584 project leaders registered in the Ports 4.0 Platform and have requested advice and mentoring for 352 ideas and projects. Said advice and mentoring have been linked to the territorial headquarters of the incubator-accelerator of the Plan to Promote Entrepreneurship for Innovation in A Coruña (11), Algeciras (10), Alicante (7), Barcelona (54), Bilbao (46) , Cartagena (20), Las Palmas (22), Madrid (51), Malaga (18), Palma de Mallorca (8), Santander (21), Seville (25), Valencia / Castelló (51) and Vigo (8). Regarding thematic verticals, the main percentages of advice requested, both in ideas and in pre-commercial projects and commercial projects, correspond to logistics efficiency in the infrastructural, operational or service presentation field (23%), digitalization of processes and smart platforms (20%), environmental sustainability and energy (20%) and security and protection (16%). Regarding the technologies to be used to develop projects that are framed in the thematic verticals, information and communication technologies (18%), process automation (14%), artificial intelligence (14%), sensorization (12%) and Internet of Things (10%) The creation of the Ports 4.0 Fund arises as a model of corporate open innovation of the Spanish port system of general interest to promote and facilitate the adaptation of the Spanish logistics-port sector to the 4.0 economy. The Tradetech concept encompasses any product, service or innovative process, resulting from the application of new technologies that converts the agents of the logistics-port community and all the agents that affect trade and the logistics chain, in more efficient, sustainable and competitive way. The competitiveness of the ports depends to a large extent on the competitiveness of the entire value chain associated with trade. Source: Puertos del Estado Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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