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Morocco’s Agence Nationale Des Ports (ANP) Joins The International Port Community Systems Association

Morocco’s Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP) joins the International Port Community Systems Association

Casablanca, Morocco (PortSEurope) April 1, 2020 – Morocco’s Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP) has announced that its has become a member of the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA). Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP) is the state-owned authority and regulatory body of the Moroccan port system. ANP subsidiary PortNet, the National Single Window/Port Community System, is already a member of IPCSA. IPCSA is an international
association of sea and air port community operators, sea and air port authorities and single window operators that is recognised across the globe for providing advice and guidance on the electronic exchange of information across borders and throughout the whole supply chain. Tarik Maaouni, organisation and information systems director at ANP, said: “We are already familiar with IPCSA’s activities, experience and expertise, as PortNet is already active in a number of IPCSA workshops and initiatives. As part of IPCSA, ANP looks forward to sharing experiences with other countries and partners that share the same challenges in the port sector. We will benefit from learning the best practice of other IPCSA members, while also proposing our own ideas in order to deliver the full benefits of cooperation.” PortNet is relatively young but also very advanced, and ANP is always looking to streamline processes through further innovations and improvements, he added. “We now need to develop and improve information exchange processes at regional and international level; there are challenges, because of technical obstacles and the need to define common frameworks. IPCSA is very well positioned, including at EU and IMO levels, to help us to innovate in this field. We believe that creating better connected platforms for exchanging information is key to improving Moroccan business’s exports and imports.” As part of the 2030 National Port Strategy, ANP will invest MAD 6 billion between 2018-2022, of which MAD 2.7 billion will be mobilized in 2018 for the development of port facilities. The investment is dedicated primarily to large-scale infrastructure projects aimed at keeping up with changes in maritime transport and trade outside of the Morocco. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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