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Multimodal Transport And Digital Transport Corridors To Develop Trade Between GUAM Countries

Multimodal transport and digital transport corridors to develop trade between GUAM countries

Multimodal transport and digital transport corridors will facilitate the rapid movement of goods between GUAM countries and the development of our economies, Vladislav Krykliy – December 12, 2019 Today, on December 12, 2019, the Heads of Government meeting of the GUAM International Organization (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) took place in Kyiv. Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krykliy participated in the plenary session of GUAM member delegations. Commenting on
the outcome of the meeting, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine noted that the development of the GUAM transport corridor and the interaction within the GUAM, TRACECA and European TEN-T transport corridors will be important for the creation of a free trade zone for GUAM countries: the movement of goods between countries and the development of our economies as a result. We will also work on liberalization of air traffic and road haulage between our countries, ”said Vladislav Krykliy. “We continued the dialogue that began in early December during my visit to Baku, where I met with the Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ramin Guluzade, the Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan, Mikael Jabbarov, and the Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure of Moldova. Our Azerbaijani colleagues are preparing a draft concept for the GUAM digital transport corridor. We plan to join their experience in implementing digitalisation in transport”, said Vladislav Krikli. Following the meeting of the heads of government, two protocols were signed, confirming the common intentions for mutual recognition of authorized economic operators and their functioning and application of blockchain technologies for verification of certificates of origin of goods passing through the GUAM Member States. Source: Government of Ukraine

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