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Natural Mining Resources Activities At Gijón Port Exceed Forecasts

Natural Mining Resources activities at Gijón port exceed forecasts

Natural Mining Resources Activities At Gijón Port Exceed Forecasts

Gijón, Spain (PortSEurope) April 16, 2019 – Swiss group Natural Mining Resources is stockpiling Russian coal in Gijón port to mix with mine tailings material from Asturias and León to sell to thermal power plants in North Africa.

Natural Mining Resources began operating in November in the port of Gijón and in just five months it will exceed 300,000 tonnes of unloaded coal. The project consists in mixing the rich Siberian anthracite with the mineral obtained from slag and selling it to the North African thermal power plants that accept the quality of the resulting mixture.

Imported coal is also sifted, classifying it to export it to different destinations, something that the Northern Ireland-based firm Lissan Coal Company has already done for some time in Gijón port.

The forecasts with which Natural Mining Resources arrived to Gijón port are being exceeded. The Swiss group estimated to download at least 200,000 tonnes of anthracite this year in the docks of Gijón and that figure is already to be overcome this April. If the current pace continues, by the end of the year the company could process 800,000 tonnes of Russian anthracite.

Source: La Nueva España

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