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NCSP Group consolidated cargo turnover for 8 months of 2019 totalled 97.6 million tons

NCSP Group has reported that cargo turnover (with the sale of NGT LLC taken into account) for the eight months of 2019 grew by 7.9% against 2018. (Normalized indicators of NCSP Group’s cargo turnover for 2018–2019: the grain turnover through NGT LLC and Berth No. 3 from May 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 are not taken into account in the transshipment volume.) – October 7, 2019

Key drivers

  •  Increase in crude oil transshipment volumes (+23%) amid the general growth in export of this raw material from Russia.
  •  Growth in chemicals transshipment volumes (+22.4%) due to increased shipments of hazardous mineral fertilizers to South and North America, as well as of non-hazardous mineral fertilizers to the Middle East countries.
  • Increase in iron ore raw materials transshipment (+25.1%) due to high export activity.

Liquid cargoes

In January–August 2019, liquid cargo transshipments at NCSP Group terminals grew by 15% or 10.159 million tons compared to the same period last year and totaled 77.814 million tons.

Crude oil transshipment volume totaled 53.449 million tons in January–August 2019. Compared to the same period in 2018, the increase was 23% (9.998 million tons), which is 10.2 p.p higher than the industry rate. The volume of oil products transshipment raised by 0.8% or 177,000 tons to 23.619 million tons.

In January–August 2019, the volume of liquid fertilizers (UAN) and seed oils transshipment decreased by 2.3% and 1.8%, respectively.

At its seed oil transshipment terminal (launched in November 2018), IPP LLC shipped 218,000 tons of seed oils in January–August 2019.

Bulk cargoes

In January–August 2019, the normalized turnover of bulk cargo at NCSP Group’s terminals (with the sale of NGT LLC taken into account) had a decrease of 17.4% compared to January–August 2018, and totaled 6.707 million tons.

Iron ore raw materials turnover grew by 25.1% or 409,000 tons to 2.041 million tons against the backdrop of high export activity.

Coal transshipments decreased by 10.2% y-o-y to 945,000 tons due to unfavorable conditions on foreign markets in 2019.

The turnover of chemical products grew by 22.4% or 89,000 tons and amounted to 487,000 tons.

Raw sugar turnover was up 2.1 times or 251,000 tons and reached 373,000 tons.

The volume of grain and other ore cargoes transshipment decreased by 43.7% and 4.3%, respectively.

General cargoes

In January–August 2019, general cargo transshipments at NCSP Group’s terminals decreased by 12.2% or 1.221 million tons, totalling 8.794 million tons.

Ferrous metals and cast iron transshipments had a decrease of 1.007 million tons (-11.2%), amounting to 7.955 million tons due to the introduction of custom duties on imports of ferrous metals to the USA, as well as poor conditions on foreign markets and high prices on domestic markets. The overall decrease for the industry was 11.5%.

Timber cargo transshipments dropped by 7.7% or 15,000 tons to 186,000 tons.

The volume of nonferrous metals transshipment decreased to 613,000 tons (by 10.7%). Perishable cargoes turnover amounted to 39,000 tons.

Container turnover

In January-August 2019, container turnover through NCSP Group’s berths amounted to 4.169 million tons, which is 1.7% less than the transshipment volume for the same period last year. Cargo turnover in twenty-foot equivalent increased by 19,000 TEU to 445,000 TEU or by 4.4%.

Other cargo

In January–August 2019, transshipments of other cargoes at NCSP Group’s terminals totaled 144,000 tons, which is a 70.7% decrease as compared to the same period of the previous year.

NCSP Group is the largest port operator in Russia by cargo turnover. PJSC Transneft is the controlling shareholder (62%) of PJSC NSCP.

Source: NCSP

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