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New Acoustic Signaling Devices For LSCT Yard Vehicles And Cranes

New acoustic signaling devices for LSCT yard vehicles and cranes

New Acoustic Signaling Devices For LSCT Yard Vehicles And Cranes

The new acoustic signaling devices for yard vehicles and cranes have been presented at La Spezia Container Terminal: increased safety for yard workers and reduced acoustic emissions – November 28, 2019

In continuity with the investment program started in 2004 for new equipment and reduction of acoustic emissions generated by the terminal activities, LSCT presented today to the press the new safety devices installed on yard vehicles and cranes. These devices are used to signal reverse gear maneuvers of reach stackers and gantry cranes translation movements. The new acoustic devices, called bbs-tek®, are produced by Brigade Elettronica, the Italian branch of the English Group Brigade Electronics, the market leader in vehicular maneuvering safety systems. The new devices use a “white noise” technology and replace the old acoustic devices based on “tonal noise”, commonly used since the ‘70s.

These devices allow for the immediate localization of the source (reach stackers, cranes and other operating machines) and due to the larger acoustic spectrum are easier to perceive by the operators wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). The white noise alarm produces a sound that is less bothering and easily dissipated in the environment and therefore concentrated in the dangerous area. At a 50 meters distance, the sound is reduced by 4,5 dB compared to the old acoustic devices, as proved during the tests in operational conditions. There is a significant reduction, considering that doubling the intensity of the sound corresponds to a 3 dB increase.

As an example, considering an acoustic source with a noise intensity of about 60 dB, each doubling of the intensity corresponds to a 3 dB increase. Adding a second noise source of equal intensity, the resulting sound will be 60 dB + 60 dB = 63 dB. To increase another 3 dB it would be necessary adding two more equal noise sources, reaching 66 dB. This explains the benefits of bbs-tek® acoustic devices, whose sound is perceived as half as intense as the one generated by the old tonal acoustic devices.

LSCT is Contship’s regional Gateway Container Terminal in La Spezia, since 1987: evolving as a modern infrastructure with a long tradition of success, ready to accommodate the latest generation of container carriers, and handling a record for Italy of more than 30% of its throughput via rail.

Source: Contship

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