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New Digitial Container Handling Causes Concerns In Piraeus Port

New digitial container handling causes concerns in Piraeus port

Source: COSCO Shipping Ports Ltd
Piraeus, Greece (PortSEurope) October 11, 2020 – At the start of October, COSCO Shipping Ports Limited launched the HPCS digital application in Piraeus port, a software system that digitizes the process of managing the documents related to the handling of containers. The new process was introduced by COSCO subsidiary SEP SA, which reported that the cost of processing digitally was lower than the previous paper
method. The new process was required by the Independent Public Revenue Authority, and this has stoked resentment from some users who The decision of the subsidiary of COSCO Shipping in Piraeus, SEP SA, to digitize the process of managing the documents related to the handling of containers, which was required by the new procedures of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (IAPR). It will also allow IAPR to carry our wider inspections. Port users have already registered but here is concern among the new users regarding the future use of the commercial information they must submit to use the new system. COSCO has assured users that this is not the case, but some distrust has developed. This issue adds to the concerns of smaller shipbuilders in Piraeus and the surrounding areas who feel that COSCO plans to further incresse capacity means their concerns are ignored. The multiple activities of COSCO, all part of an ambitious multi-year investment plan, have faced many objections from both the authorities and local players. Altogether, this has crested an air of distrust. Piraeus Port Authority is operated by China’s COSCO Shipping Ports Limited, which also manages Piraeus Container Terminal SA in the port. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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