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NGO Raises Issue Of Anaklia Port Issue In Meeting With US Secretary Of State

NGO raises issue of Anaklia port issue in meeting with US Secretary of State

Source: Anaklia Development Corporation
On his official visit to Georgia, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with representatives of non-governmental organizations. The meeting was attended by Nino Evgenidze, Executive Director of the Economic Policy Research Center – November 18, 2020 The following issues were discussed at the meeting: the maintenance and development of democratic institutions, the rule of law and its importance in terms of attracting investment. Particular
attention was paid to American investment and the construction of the Anaklia deep-sea port. The conversation also touched on the importance of economic security in terms of protecting country from Russian influence. Representatives of non-governmental organizations called for the acceleration of negotiations on a free trade agreement and the support of the Secretary of State in this matter, which in turn will help develop critically needed infrastructure in Georgia and attract investment. The Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) is a think-and do-tank that brings to light the most pressing economic issues confronting society and provides thorough analysis on economic issues, offers evidence-based recommendations as well as it encourages stimulating public debate and education. PortSEurope Note: Last week the Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) issued a press release welcoming the Pompeo visit. More PortSEurope news about Anaklis port and the associated political interests can be read here. Source: ECPR

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