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Official Journal Of The EU Publishes The Tender For The Multipurpose Terminal Of Muelle Centro 2 Of The Port Of Sagunto

Official Journal of the EU publishes the tender for the multipurpose terminal of Muelle Centro 2 of the Port of Sagunto

Source: Valenciaport
València, July 29, 2021.- The Official Gazette of the European Union has published the public tender for the construction and operation of the multipurpose terminal at Muelle Centro 2 of the Port of Sagunto, an infrastructure that will strengthen the position of the site as a port industrial benchmark in the Western Mediterranean. The bases of the call are already available on the Valenciaport website and applications
can be submitted until next December 17 at 12 noon. The multipurpose maritime Terminal will have a quay with a maximum length of 509 meters, with an attached area of ​​approximately 226,000 m², including some 15,000 m² of maneuvering area 30 meters wide next to the edge of the quay, and a minimum depth of 16 meters. The existing berthing line has a ramp located at the north end that allows the operation of Ro-Ro vessels moored alongside North Pier 2, and the bidder may choose to build a 39-meter Ro-Ro heel on both sides to allow the operation of Ro-Ro ships docked sideways at the new terminal. Regarding the berthing line construction works, the bidder can choose to have them executed by the PAV or to carry them out himself as part of his concession obligations. In the first case, the surface will be delivered at the end of the docking works by the PAV. In the second case, the surface will be delivered in its current state, with the exception of the water surface pending filling and the one that the bidder proposes in its offer for the berthing of ships, whose filling and dredging works up to a minimum level of -16 meters will be executed by the PAV. The projected terminal must have the following characteristics: capacity to simultaneously serve two ships with general merchandise; adopt the most advanced standards in the fields of innovation, flexibility and sustainability; and excellent connectivity and competitiveness for the import / export and transit markets, with a clear value proposition of positioning among the industrial ports of the Western Mediterranean and oriented preferably to general or fractional cargo (“break bulk”) including road, transportation special and large projects, as well as, container. The term of the concession will be a maximum of 40 years, in the event that the bidder chooses to include the pier in the concession and assume the financing of 100% of its construction; or a maximum of 25 years, in the event that the bidder chooses to include the pier in the concession and assume the payment of the corresponding occupancy rate for works and facilities that would be executed by APV. Railway terminal The new terminal will have an esplanade area of ​​approximately 30,000 m 2 destined to house a railway terminal, located between the multipurpose maritime terminal at Muelle Centro 2 and the internal road network of the Port of Sagunto, and which will serve a beach in 3 tracks of 750 meters in length to be built by the APV. Regarding the actions of conditioning of the esplanade, the tenderer may decide whether to execute them or not. This new infrastructure of the Port of Sagunto will have the technological advances necessary to provide high-performance, sustainable and competitive services to reinforce the role of the Port of Sagunto as a benchmark industrial port in the Western Mediterranean. Key infrastructure to generate wealth and employment The PAV has invested more than 360 million euros in the construction and rehabilitation of the infrastructures of the Port of Sagunto in the last 20 years, an investment that has allowed the Saguntine facilities to expand their activity and modernize their processes, consolidating as a port of reference in Spain. This commitment of the PAV for the Sagunto facilities has positioned the infrastructure as a reference center in Spain in freight traffic. In line with these objectives, the PAV has promoted the construction of a new road and rail access to the south in order to provide the port of Sagunto with port infrastructures and services that respond to adequate maritime-land intermodality, through of an efficient and safe road and rail network, adequately connected with the rest of the transport system and with logistics nodes of high interest in the Mediterranean and Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridors. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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