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Palermo Port Supported By Claims To Revive Shipbuilding

Palermo port supported by claims to revive shipbuilding

Palermo Port Supported By Claims To Revive ShipbuildingSource: AdSP del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale

Palermo, Italy (PortSEurope) June 22, 2018 –

The local and national Fiom CGIL (Federazione italiana operai metallurgici/Italian federation of metalworkers) have launched the “Talk to the Shipyard” initiative – “Parla il Cantiere. Investimenti e lavoro per il futuro di Palermo”

On June 25, 2018, the Region and the Municipality, the management of Fincantieri and Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sicilia Occidentale (AdSP – Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority)will attend an event to discuss investment in the shipyard and its infrastructures for the continuation of the three functions (construction, repairs and naval work) and to ensure the development and growth of the shipyard in view of the prospects opened up by the Zes (special economic zone).

“Palermo asks to go back to building ships, as happens in all the other Italian shipyards. All the subjects, starting from the Region, owner of the basins, and from Fincantieri, will have to say what they intend to do for the development of the shipyard, reference point for the shipbuilding of Palermo and Sicily”, declared the general secretary CGIL Palermo Enzo Campo and for Fiom CgGIL Palermo Angela Biondi and Francesco Foti, who will speak at the event.

Source: Sicilia Informazioni

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