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PIPE association meets in Valencia port to discuss the port model

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) November 22, 2018 – PIPE (Plataforma de Inversores en Puertos Españoles/Platform of Investors in Spanish Ports), association that brings together the most important business groups in the port sector, has met with the representatives of Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia) with the aim of sharing information and on the current needs of Spanish ports.

PIPE met with Francesc Sánchez, General Director of APV and part of the management team, with the aim of opening a dialogue around the current model of port management and present its main reflections and proposals on it, thus on-passing the main concerns that currently affect the concessionaires of the facilities in the country’s reference ports.

The platform of investors intends to start a round of meetings with the most important port authorities in the country, which will be carried out during the coming months and with which it wants to bring positions around the needs of the ports and their impact on the economy national.

PIPE explained that it is necessary to address change in the model that governs ports, with the sole objective of modernizing and adapting to the needs of the 21st century, putting Spain at the level of other international competitors. Thus, PIPE supports the production of a new Strategic Framework on which Puertos del Estado is already working.

With respect to port taxes, PIPE considers it appropriate to carry out a review, in order to adapt them to the current business environment. After several years in which investments have been made to improve the infrastructures of the ports, the current situation, in which these investments are no longer necessary, allows some redirection of income obtained by port authorities and the state agency, Puertos del Estados.

Thus, PIPE proposes that the surplus of cash obtained in the ports has an impact on the adjustment of the rates applied to the concessionaires, with the aim that these can lower their tariffs to the customers and, in this way, be more competitive and generate greater traffic.

José Luis Almazán, Executive Vice President of PIPE, said: “We believe it is necessary to get these ideas to each of the actors in the sector, to explain that these measures have an impact on the benefit of all.” “We are very grateful to APV for having received and listened to us, we hope to continue with these meetings, with the aim of opening a dialogue that we consider necessary”.

The APV for its part thanked and valued the fact that the main platform of investors in Spanish ports, held its first “roving” meeting in Valencia, which highlights the weight of the port of Valencia in the Spanish port system.

Francesc Sanchez stressed, “the importance of knowing first hand the concerns of our customers and users, to share and discuss with them on the different points of view of the port business to find mechanisms that help us improve management.”

PIPE is the Platform of Investors in Spanish ports. Created in 2013, it brings together the most important business groups that have invested in the Spanish port system. The members of PIPE include all the port authorities and in more than 33 ports of general interest of our country, where they manage the exploitation of port concessions.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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