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Port Authority Of Volos Appoints New Board Member

Port Authority of Volos appoints new board member

Port Authority Of Volos Appoints New Board MemberSource: Port Authority of Volos

Volos, Greece (PortSEurope) June 28, 2019 – An Independent Extraordinary General Meeting of the sole shareholder of the Port Authority of Volos was elected as a member of the Company’s Board of Directors in place of the resigning member of Tzimos Konstantinos, in his post and for the rest of his term, Papageorgantas Georgios of Christos.

Following the above, the Board of Directors is reconstituted as follows from 21/06/2019:

1. Skagianni Pantoleon of Demetriou, Chairman, non-executive member 
2. Tozidis Georgios of Marco-Menelaou, Managing Director, executive member 
3. Papadoulis Apostolos Vassiliou, non-executive member 
4. Psatha Evangelia Georgiou, non-executive member 
5. Klitsas Ioannis Michail Non-Executive Member 
6. Papandreou Aristides-Konstantinos Georgiou, non-executive member 
7. Papageorgantas Georgios of Christos, non-executive member 
8. Sakellarios Nikolaos of Grammenos, representative of the employees of OLB SA, non-executive member 
9. Basandis Aristotelis of Achilleas, representative of the Magnesia Chamber, non-executive member
10. Cretan Thomas of Nicholas, representative of the Hellenic Landfill Federation (ΟΦΕ), non-executive member

Source: Port Authority of Volos

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