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Port Of Algeciras Presents Allegations To The European Initiative Emissions Trading System

Port of Algeciras presents allegations to the European initiative Emissions Trading System

The Port Authority of Algeciras (APBA), business associations of the Port Community, trade unions and institutions of the sector have completed the delivery of allegations in Brussels to the so-called Emissions Trading System (ETS), proposal for modification of the European Directive integrated in the so-called European Green Deal – November 9, 2021 This adopts a series of proposals which integrate maritime transport with the objective
of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030 (FIT for 55), a goal shared by the whole sector. In the specific case of the Port of Algeciras, to this objective is added the recent adhesion to the Call to Action initiative which seeks the total decarbonisation of maritime transport by 2050. However, as proposed in the initial ETS proposal, the inclusion of maritime transport in the scope of the EU regulation will have the opposite effect to the desired one: it will not reduce CO2 emission levels, but will cause a leakage of these emissions. At the same time, it will lead to a sharp drop in transhipments in the ports of the South of the EU, strategic traffics for ensuring the European logistics chain and the connectivity of its ports. As the president of the Bay of Algeciras Port Authority (APBA), Gerardo Landaluce, has been warning, “there will be a flight of calls to nearby non-European ports in order to reduce the payment of emission rights”. In this sense, Landaluce has claimed that if we really want to achieve the objective of reducing global emissions “we must all have the same rules of the game”. The way the proposal is conceived, “emissions will not be reduced while the economic damage to the ports with transhipment activity in Southern Europe will be irreversible”. For all these reasons, the battery of allegations of the sector seeks that during the processing in the European Parliament and Council, formulas are established to avoid the distortion of free competition with neighbouring third countries. In summer, the APBA and the business associations of the Port of Algeciras, held a meeting with the general secretary of the European Ports Organisation (ESPO), Isabelle Ryckbost, to whom they conveyed the existing concern. Both from the Port of Algeciras and from ESPO it was clear the communion with the climate objectives of the Green Deal, but also the devastating economic effects that the application of the initial proposal would have on this side of the Strait. Since then, through meetings and conferences, the APBA has carried out an incessant activity to raise awareness in the sector which has just concluded with the presentation of allegations, reports and several proposals for measures aimed at reducing emissions. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Algeciras (APBA – Port Authority of Algeciras)

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