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Port Of Livorno Trials 11.5-metre Draft Ships

Port of Livorno trials 11.5-metre draft ships

Source: CMA CGM
With the arrival in Livorno of the Alexandra container ship, experiments began this morning to allow ships with a draft greater than the estimated 11.5 meters to enter the port – March 31, 2021 The ship, operated by the French shipping company CMA CGM, and used in the Med-Caribe service – which connects the Western Mediterranean to the Caribbean – entered with a draft of 11.70 meters. It
is a novelty that could translate into important benefits now necessary for port operators and, above all, for large companies. In fact, if the planned maneuvering experiments were to give a favorable response, the current draft limits could be raised to -12 meters. The maneuver  today  – successful performance – follows the path of the action taken by Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (AdSP – North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority) in collaboration with maritime technical nautical services and in accordance with the ‘Authority System. “Pending the construction of the Darsena Europa, we intend to do everything possible to consolidate and make the most of existing traffic” declared the president of the AdSP, Luciano Guerrieri. “Today’s initiative, coordinated by the Port Authority and the Corps of Pilots in an appreciable spirit of collaboration, allows us to achieve new objectives in terms of welcoming large ships and to make the port more competitive and safe”. Satisfied with the success of the initiative, the Maritime Director of Tuscany, Gaetano Angora: “In the specific case and in the usual spirit of collaboration that must always distinguish the relations between the Port System Authority and the Maritime Authority, the Port Authority of Livorno – received only a few days ago the request for the berth of the ship in derogation of the current ordinance – it was immediately activated by calling a specific meeting to check whether the elements that in 2019 had allowed the Maritime Authority itself to positively assess the conditions for an experimentation for ships with these characteristics. Having obtained the favorable opinion of the pilots, of the towing company and of the moorers, we have expressed ourselves in favor of starting a new experimentation ». Captain Angora wished to express a particular thanks to the nautical technical services of the port of Livorno «who once again showed great professionalism. Obviously the tests have yet to continue but what has been done so far seems to give us concrete hope of success ». Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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