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Port Of Malaga Presents A Proposal To The European POSEIDON Project To Use Photovoltaic Energy

Port of Malaga presents a proposal to the European POSEIDON project to use photovoltaic energy

The Port of Malaga has presented a proposal for the development of photovoltaic energy installations in some of the most emblematic locations of the port area to the European project Poseidon, financed by the Innovation Fund program, thus continuing with the ‘Puerto Verde’ initiative promoted by the Port Authority since 2019 – March 31, 2021 The proposal focuses on replacing the use of auxiliary engines
of ships and boats during mooring operations in the port, through a 100% renewable electrical connection. This action will reduce the burning of fossil fuels and also the noise pollution generated by these vessels, minimizing the activity of the port, which takes place in the urban environment of the capital. Goals The proposal is broken down into three different objectives, but always sharing the same link – the generation of green and sustainable energy in the port and with zero emissions of both noise and CO2. The main objective is the design and construction of an electrical infrastructure for docks 1 and 2 of the Guadiaro dock, where the new megayacht marina managed by IGY Malaga Marina will be located, with a supply of up to 2.1MW of simultaneous power and using 100% renewable energy, until reaching an annual energy consumption of around 4GWh. For this solution, an onshore infrastructure (OPS) is proposed which will be managed using blockchain technology to guarantee that the origin of said energy is a 100% renewable source. Continuing with the green reconversion of the Port of Malaga, the project proposes the design and construction of a 0.8MW solar plant for the electricity supply of the main buildings of dock 3 of the port , specifically the offices of the Port Authority, Maritime Station and areas of vehicle parking and cruise ship shuttles. Finally, and to complete the circle, the proposal includes a third objective that consists of the feasibility study and project design of a 2.5 MW floating photovoltaic plant that could provide service to the docks dedicated to cruise ships in the Port of Malaga. This novel technology could facilitate the implementation of photovoltaic systems in ports, where the scarcity of surface prevents their large-scale deployment. Members of the proposal Public-private collaboration is essential in the development of this proposal, taking a further step towards the development of a more sustainable activity that will have a positive impact on the urban environment, where the port area is located. The constituent entities are: Acciona Ingeniería / Ocean Infrastructures Management SL, as consultants and coordinators.IGY Malaga Marina and Port Authority, beneficiary infrastructures of this initiative.Bluenewables, as a technology partner.Málagaport, as a promoter of the project. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga (APM – Port Authority of Málaga)

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