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Port Of Tarragona Moves More Than 800,000 Tons Of Agri-food Products In The First Three Months Of SEA System

Port of Tarragona moves more than 800,000 tons of agri-food products in the first three months of SEA system

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona
The system has been robust and efficient during the first months of operation – January 13, 2021 Nearly 13,000 orders have been placed which have resulted in 30,000 deliveries (trucks) in a single quarter The Tarragona Port Authority has awarded the SEA maintenance tasks This January, the first quarter of the commissioning of the agri-food delivery system in the Port of Tarragona has been completed. During
these first three months of operation the system has registered 13,731 requests for cargo with more than 827,035 tons moved. The system has been robust and efficient operating normally as evidenced by a total of 29,650 trucks have operated with the new application of the Port of Tarragona. During these first months of putting the new system into operation, the registered applications have been able to use it without significant incidents. The advantages were evident from the outset, reducing queues and speeding up procedures for collecting goods. It is a step forward in the improvements in the logistics and in the operation of the Tarragona port facilities. The day that more orders were generated during the first three months was December 28, 2020 with a total of 480 orders registered in the new system put into operation by the Port of Tarragona. The SEA allows more quickly, efficiently and economically, to ensure 100% traceability of goods, facilitating the collection of goods from agri-food terminals, especially for the carrier. A comprehensive system to improve efficiency The SEA is the system developed by the APT to make it easier for agri-food buyers and transporters to collect goods from the Agri-Food Terminals of the Port of Tarragona. The system requires constant maintenance and support and for this reason the Tarragona Port Authority has tendered and awarded these tasks to the company Prodevelop, a company specializing in the integration of technologies in ports, worth € 55,000. The SEA has about 3,000 users who are divided into the following user profiles: Buyer: company that buys the goods in the last resort, orders the delivery to the terminal, organizes the collection of the lots and hires the carrier to collect it together with the documentation in the port terminal. Terminal: company that manages the documentation of the goods and has the goods stored in its facilities in the Port of Tarragona. Carrier: company in charge of collecting the goods at the terminals and delivering them to the buyer. Driver: Person driving the truck that collects the goods in the Port of Tarragona. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona (APT – Port Authority of Tarragona)

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