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Port Of Tarragona Starts Final Construction Phase Of The Moll De Balears

Port of Tarragona starts final construction phase of the Moll de Balears

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona
The works have entered the last phases with the completion of the dredging and the placement of the material with land means – February 15, 2021 The pier is already beginning to have a very identifiable and visible shape Tarragona Port faces the final phase of the construction of the Moll de Balears with the completion of the dredging and the filling of the quay
with the material dredged from the seabed, which provides it with a highly identifiable and visible shape. The Zheng He dredge has filled the interior of the Moll de Balears with 600,000 m³ of material from the seabed of the Cantàbria basin. Now the tasks have been transferred to the outside of the dock itself where the heavy machinery is in charge of placing and leveling all the material. At the same time, the placement of the cantile beam is also in process. From the sea, the Ardenza boat continues to perform auxiliary tasks in the placement of the necessary material on the south and north docks of the dock itself. The next steps in the construction of the Moll de Balears will be the placement of bollards and fenders at the same time that the quay and esplanade pavements are put into operation. The Moll de Balears of the Port of Tarragona already has a very identifiable and visible shape and its commissioning is expected in the middle of this year. Sustainability, key piece in the new Moll de Balears The Port of Tarragona has designed this dock as a multipurpose dock, in this way it can receive different types of port traffic now and in the future. Currently, the priority is destined to the cruise activity and it is expected to come into operation in the middle of this year. The new infrastructure will have a very long operational life and its design -if it is necessary- will allow it to be converted to services for bulk solids and other types of merchandise. This new infrastructure will increase the capacity to receive more visitors and in better conditions, with a total berthing line of 700 meters, since, in 240 of these 460 meters in length, it will be possible to dock on both sides and the dock area is added by Llevant. However, the number of cruise ships that will be able to dock simultaneously and also host the largest cruise ships in the world has been doubled. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona (APT – Port Authority of Tarragona)

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