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Port Of The Bay Of Cádiz Will Tender Phase 2 Of The New Container Terminal Before Year-end

Port of the Bay of Cádiz will tender phase 2 of the New Container Terminal before year-end

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz
Cádiz, Spain (PortSEurope) December 17, 2021 – In the next few days, the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz will tender the administrative concession for the construction and operation of phases 1.2 and 2 of the New Container Terminal, located in the Dock of La Galleona of the commercial dock of Cádiz. The board of directors of the port agency has approved the specifications
that regulate the conditions for the processing of the tender and that states that the bidders may choose in their offer to carry out the works and put into operation for phase 1.2 (referred to part phase 1 that has already been executed and has not yet been concessioned) or for the two phases, that is, 1.2 and 2 (the latter referring to the area obtained with the construction of the second phase of the terminal to be tendered over the next year). As is known, 4.5 hectares of phase 1 of the New Container Terminal are concessioned to Concasa Cádiz, the current concessionaire of the container terminal at the Reina Sofía dock. With the new specifications, the option is to concession an area of ​​10.7 hectares in phase 1.2 and 9.1 hectares in phase 2. The new terminal has other spaces necessary for operation, such as the railway terminal, the docks maneuvering area, interior roads and general facilities areas. The total land of the new terminal in its phase 1 is 28 ha (22 of them corresponding to land reclaimed from the sea). With phase 2, which is yet to be built, there will be an additional 11.6 ha (8.5 of them reclaimed from the sea), as well as an additional 510 meters of berthing line. In total, phases 1 and 2 will cover 39.6 hectares, including the access control facilities, the Border Control Post, the general roads of the Port, the maneuvering areas, the facilities areas and the railway terminal, the which bidders may additionally include in the offer regardless of the phases they opt for. The berthing line will reach 1,100.5 linear meters. The concession term is established from 35 to 50 years, depending on whether phases 1.2 or both phases are chosen. The Port Authority understands that the geostrategic location of the New Container Terminal and the Port of the Bay of Cádiz in general, together with the technical characteristics of the new infrastructure, capable of accommodating the largest container ships on the market, and maritime connectivity , road and rail guarantee the consolidation of container traffic in the Cadiz port thanks to this infrastructure. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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