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Port Of Vigo Reports Improved First Half Cargo Rise

Port of Vigo reports improved first half cargo rise

Source: PortSEurope
Despite the uncertainty that the global health crisis continues to generate as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and other temporary problems such as the shortage of microchips, Vigo continues to be one of the Port Authorities with the best results in Spain – August 2, 2021 According to the president of the institution, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, at the press conference after the meeting of
the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Vigo, according to the data of Ports of the State, Vigo harbor registered an increase of + 15.82% in port traffic – in front of the increase of + 4.53% of average of the national group; + 16.90% in freight traffic -the average growth in Spain was + 4.45%; and + 17.61% in terms of general merchandise – a + 9.87% in the rest of Port Authorities. Among the most outstanding statistics, the maximum port official referred to the leadership of the Port of Vigo in fishing traffic; to 3 I er since moving vehicle (+ 37.86% and 273,096 units moved to June); and the 5th position in import and export of containers (+ 8.39% and 89,023 TEUS), and in imports and exports of general merchandise (+ 10.33% and + 28.77% respectively and 730,344 and 954,942 tons). Management report As he underlined, the 2,277,140 tons of goods moved in the Port of Vigo during the first half of the year, a + 17.06% over the same period of the previous year, has been the best data of the last decade and the 4th of the history of the olive terminal, thanks to the excellent performance of automobiles (+ 42.65%), frozen fish (+ 9.17%), construction materials (+ 56.05%), raw granite ( + 20.47%), auto parts (+ 49.29%), fruit (+ 34.01%) and food (+ 34.27%). Likewise, he highlighted the data registered by general merchandise that, in the month of June, increased its movements by 22,314 tons, a + 6.90% more than in the same period of 2020, becoming the third best month of the last decade and, in terms of accumulated traffic, + 313,222 tons and + 17.61%, the best half of the last decade. If we distinguish between the different types of movement of this merchandise of great economic value, the movement in conventional in the accumulated to June has been the best figure harvested during the first half of the last 10 years – + 130,000 tons and +24.6 %, while the movement in container at the Guixar Terminal, grew by + 24.53% in tonnage, becoming the best June in history. As for the accumulated traffic to June, it has set a historical record both in tons (1.4M tons and + 14.64%) and in TEU`s moved (113,291 TEUS and + 10.29%). Business plan On the other hand, the Board of Directors approved the Business Plan of the Port of Vigo for next year, and which, as explained by Vázquez Almuiña, marks the planning of investments (a total of € 149.2M divided into 5 annuities) that already appeared collected in plans prior to the current one. As defended by the port president, the foreseeable increase in traffic and the renewal of the fleets have motivated the need to design various proposals for new berths with sufficient length and draft for the ships of the future, but which exclusively include the essential port infrastructure for loading and unloading operations, with minimal impact on the marine environment. The proposals included in the Business Plan have the approval of the technical-nautical services, as well as the different operators and will be processed with an exhaustive environmental evaluation and with all the necessary studies. Other matters of interest Vázquez Almuiña also referred to the valuation of the monthly works issued in the month of June, which amounted to € 310,146, and among which he highlighted the actions carried out on the Paseo de Las Avenidas and Orillamar, among which they represent 75 % of the total. Regarding the bids and contract awards for the month of July, the figure amounts to € 435,948. In another vein, the Council gave the green light to a contract with the company David Fernández Grande, SL for the constitution of a temporary right of way to the dock of what was the granite terminal in Rande. This action -explained the president- supposes to give viability to this space, in which there are different interested companies. Xacobeo port Finally, the president indicated that the Port of Vigo has as of today a signaling point that identifies it as Puerto Xacobeo -at the initiative of Portos de Galicia, after the installation of a landmark on the Paseo de Las Avenidas -between the building of the RC Náutico and CC A Laxe- which accredits the role of the olive terminal in the history of pilgrimages to Santiago linked to the Camino. This indicator, which will be visible by tourists visiting the Port of Vigo, since it is a very busy area, consists of a wave-shaped bench, made of white reinforced concrete, with which the coastal profile of Galicia, its mountains and the rivers that flow into the sea, evoking the sinuous curves that form the roads in the peculiar orography of the territory of the Community. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo)

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