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President Of Piraeus Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Comments On Business Opportunities

President of Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry comments on business opportunities

Source: COSCO Shipping Ports Ltd
Piraeus, Greece (PortSEurope) March 8, 2021 – Vassilis Korkidis, President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has given an interview to the local Real radio broadcaster in which he discusses the post-pandemic business opportunities. Korkidis says that as vaccinations continue, Greece will be able to resume its social and economic activities. However, he claims that its is clear that a more productive, heterogeneous
model with digital transformation of enterprises must follow. He believes such a change is the best investment of the future, but also a strong defense in future crises. He would like to see Greece regain a momentum of its shipbuilding industry by making good use of public property and selecting the right investors based on business criteria, creating a blue hub in the Mediterranean for shipbuilding, repair and tanking of seagoing, passenger, merchant and military ships.  Greek ports are poles of attraction for investors due to its geostrategic position, but also the low cost of transporting fuel and goods by sea, thus developing a combined transport network to Central and Eastern Europe. However, investors should be bound by the initial concessions in an “outsourcing” strategy with the participation of Greek companies. After, in fact, the successful example of the shipyards of Syros, the Shipyards of Elefsina and Skaramagka are offered in combination and not competitively for the creation of a “win-win” investment marine “trident”. At the same time, however, a productive Greek economy is needed, which should make up for the losses of €20 billion euros in 2020 GDP. PortSEurope Note: In recent years, Greece has privatized its key ports with Piraeus and Thessaloniki under private ownership. Regional port privatisation is underway, including the key Alexandropoulis port which is attracting a lot of interest from the USA. Piraeus port is now controlled by China’s COSCO Shipping Ports Limited which manages both Piraeus Port Authority and Piraeus Container Terminal. The Chinese company plans further shipbuilding, cruise and cargo capacity, although there are local concerns about the degree of Chinese ownership. More local participation would be welcomed in many quarters. Further PortSEurope reading U.S. Ambassador to Greece highlights importance of Alexandroupoli and Who wants what in Greek ports’ privatisation Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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