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Project For Installation Of New Floating Cistern By COSCO Starts In Piraeus Port

Project for installation of new floating cistern by COSCO starts in Piraeus port

Project For Installation Of New Floating Cistern By COSCO Starts In Piraeus PortSource: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

Piraeus, Greece (PortSEurope) January 7, 2018 – New data on the docking of vessels for shipbuilding and repairs will be made by the installation of the new Piraeus III water reservoir by Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (PPA)-COSCO in Perama, which is due to arrive at Piraeus port at the end of February.

The new tank of 240 metres, 45 metres wide, 18 metres deep, with a capacity of 205.66 tonnes and a lifting capacity of 22.000 tonnes, will now be able to serve most coastal vessels as well as Greek cruise ships such as Celestyal Cruises. The approval of the implementation of the projects for the installation of the new floating dock from the Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (PPA) was signed on December 20, 2017, by the Secretary General of Ports of Ports and Maritime Investments Christos Lambridis.

TEKAL S.A,’s projects include a dredge up to 20 metres operating depth, new electricity and water supply networks, and the installation of four naval vessels for anchoring ships. Completion of the projects is expected in early March.

The floating “Piraeus II” reservoir already in place will be transported to the east pier of the shipbuilding repairs and will be replaced by the new Piraeus III tank.

Both of the shipyards will also be placed in the new tank of 80,000 dwt and the other two in the smallest.

Upon completion of the works by PPA in the Perama shipbuilding area, three floating tanks will be operated: Piraeus I and Piraeus III on the western pier and Piraeus II on the eastern pier.

It is noted that the concession agreement between the Greek State and PPA provides for total investments of €55 million for the improvement of infrastructure in the shipbuilding zone, including the floating tanks, which PPA has committed to complete within the first five years.

Maritime Minister Panagiotis Kourouplis has asked PPA to prioritize the installation of the new floating cistern for the Greek Navy in order to be able to serve larger ships, which is expected to give a significant boost to the revitalization of shipbuilding repairs.

Tekal S.A. is a Greek corporation that operates and specialises in the civil engineering, building, mechanical and services sectors, including several projects at Piraeus port.

Source: TheSeaNation

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