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Puertos Del Estado And MedCruise To Improve The Sustainability Of Maritime Passenger Transport

Puertos del Estado and MedCruise to improve the sustainability of maritime passenger transport

Puertos Del Estado And MedCruise To Improve The Sustainability Of Maritime Passenger TransportSource: Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona

Madrid, Spain (PortSEurope) June 12, 2019 – The president of Puertos del Estado, Salvador de la Encina, has met with the president of MedCruise, Airam Díaz, to review the progress of the cruise industry in Spain.

According to de la Encina, collaboration should focus on the sustainability of transport, and involve all administrations with competencies in the tourism sector, which is vital to the Spanish economy.

Puertos del Estado is promoting a series of measures included in the Sustainable Transport in Ports Strategy, based on a series of action lines that are already underway, including, among others, the promotion of alternative energies in transport, the improvement of energy efficiency and the promotion of the use of renewable energies, avoiding the dumping of waste from ships to the sea, and the optimization of the management and use of water in ports. These measures are aimed at achieving a sustainable transport model capable of boosting commercial activity at Spanish ports.

For his part, Airam Díaz emphasized the progress made by MedCruise in recent years, giving as an example the creation of a specific sustainability working group , and the commitment made with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce sulfide emissions according to the new regulations that will come into force in January 2020.

MedCruise represents more than 130 ports, including 11 Spanish port authorities and 31 associated members such as tourism offices, town halls, and terminal operators. The ports associated with MedCruise received 28 million passengers in 2018. Of the nearly 3,000 arrivals of cruise ships to Spanish ports, more than 50% went to ports of the association.

Puertos del Estado is a state-owned agency responsible for the management of state-owned ports. The company executes the port policy of the government and coordinates and controls the efficiency of the port system, made up of 28 port authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest.

MedCruise is the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, whose mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. The Association assists its members in benefiting from the growth of the cruise industry by providing networking, promotional and professional development opportunities.

Today, the association has grown to 73 members representing more than 100 ports around the Mediterranean region, including the Black Sea, the Red Sea and the Near Atlantic, plus 31 associate members, representing other associations, tourist boards and ship/port agents.

Barcelona is the leading Spanish cruise port.

Source: Puertos del Estado

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