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Puertos Del Estado Awards Contract To Develop SIMPLE Project

Puertos del Estado awards contract to develop SIMPLE project

Puertos del Estado has awarded the development of the SIMPLE project (SIMplification of Processes for a Logistic Enhancement) to a consortium of Indra, Minsait and MINDTrade Platform. The project will develop and implement the Spanish national logistics platform that will integrate all the information on the activity of freight transport and logistics in Spain. The award was for €2.66 million and the execution period is
30 months – November 27, 2020 The new technological platform, promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, and in which Adif also participates, will extend to all modes of transport and agents of the logistics chain the current national maritime single window of State Ports (Dueport). This new platform will ensure interoperability between the different actors involved in the transport of goods on a national scale, as well as their integration on an international scale, allowing optimization of the supply chain, effectiveness, efficiency and security in transactions. An innovative blockchain distributed registry solution will contribute to the latter, through which part of the services offered by the platform will be operated. The logistics platform will guarantee and allow the real time traceability of both the merchandise and the documentation and information related to their transport and the different means involved. In this way, it will help to ensure the transparency and inviolability of transactions, both for national and international flows of goods entering, leaving or passing through Spanish ports and / or by land transport, both by road and rail. The new, open, integrated and collaborative technological platform will allow the different modes of transport and agents that make up the logistics chain to interact electronically, exchange information digitally and manage in an integrated way the set of data and documents of the different systems, automating information flows. It will also facilitate the interconnection between the competent public administrations and the different agents of the private logistics sector. In addition, by entering the data only once and by the person in charge in each case, it will simplify and speed up the processes related to transport and logistics, respecting the highest possible level of confidentiality, security, integrity and availability. The digitization and integration of the information that the SIMPLE logistics platform will offer will make it possible to exploit the data and all the information on the commercial and logistics activity, which will also contribute to reducing stocks, optimizing routes, improving processes and reducing costs. It will also have a clear impact when it comes to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport of goods, by helping to reduce the use of paper or emissions. This strategic national logistics project will contribute to placing Spain at the forefront of Europe in the use of technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of freight transport, as promoted by the European Commission in the framework of the Digital Transport & Logistic Forum (DTFL) . The development and implementation of the national logistics platform is an important milestone in the application of blockchain to the logistics sector and it is also a project of great technical complexity, because it also integrates technology outside the blockchain. The solution to be developed is based on the One-Stop Shop, Cargo Community Systems, and Logistics Platforms solutions from Indra’s Mova Traffic line of supply for the Ports and Logistics sector, which will facilitate comprehensive and optimal management of synchronous freight transport. Mova Traffic solutions make it possible to improve operational processes and offer a higher quality of service, in a more efficient and sustainable way, as well as greater efficiency in the use of public and private resources and the improvement of competitiveness. Furthermore, the SIMPLE project is included in the FEDeRATED project, promoted together with administrations and companies from other Member States, which aims to interconnect platforms such as SIMPLE between European countries, and analyze the viability of connections also with third countries. Puertos del Estado is a state-owned organisation responsible for the management of state-owned ports. The company executes the port policy of the government and coordinates and controls the efficiency of the port system, made up of 28 port authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest. Source: Puertos del Estado

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