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Reference – Rete Autostrade Mediterranee (RAM) S.p.a.

Rome, Italy (PortSEurope) December 28, 2017

Rete Autostrade Mediterranee (RAM) was founded in 2004 with the aim of implementing the National Program of Motorways of the Sea within the wider context of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), with specific reference to the Transverse Corridor of Motorways of the Sea (MoS).

RAM, an in-house company of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, fully capitalized by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, operates with the main objective of developing short sea shipping networks and enhancing the strategic contribution that they are able to provide the Euro-Mediterranean area link system and the door-to-door logistics chain.

The maritime transport network, in fact, is a valid alternative to using the road mode, which allows:

  • reduce road traffic congestion
  • to reduce emissions of pollutants produced by heavy traffic
  • contain the cost of logistics, thanks to the reduction in energy consumption
  • promote the concept of intermodal and door-to-door logistics chain.

Within this operating context, RAM carries out numerous activities relating to the European Projects , Incentives and Services sectors.

RAM carries on important collaborations on the political and institutional level, both nationally and internationally. Indeed, it is the protagonist of agreements and support activities for numerous initiatives.

Regarding the development of the Motorways of the Sea, the Company:

  • favours relations with the Med countries within the Union for the Mediterranean (FOM) ;
  • supports ing. Antonio Cancian as Focal Point appointed by MIT, in the operations of the “Connect the Region: transport and energy networks” Pillar of the EUSAIR Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region;
  • is a National Promotion Center for Short Sea Shipping (SPC-Italy) and actively collaborates in the activities promoted by the European Shortsea Network (ESN), the European network that brings together all the national promotion centers of this mode of transport;
  • RAM is also a member of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), established by the European Commission and composed of 110 experts from all EU countries. The Forum operates with the dual objective of: providing technical advice for the development of standards, regulations, policies and initiatives relevant to the transport and logistics sectors; propose, through working groups, innovative solutions to facilitate the exchange of information and the removal of technical and administrative barriers that hinder a fluid integration between the different modes of transport.

RAM’s commitment to the promotion and implementation of the “Motorways of the Sea” Program is realized on the international front through numerous activities in support of maritime transport within the framework outlined by the new TEN-T guidelines and the CEF financial instrument (Connecting Europe Facility), implementing the transport policy objectives set at the European level.

The Company, as a partner and implementing body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is directly involved:

  • in the presentation of project proposals based on the various European funding programs
  • in the technical and financial management of the awarded European projects
  • in the elaboration of technical studies related to the development of the Motorways of the Sea
  • in communication activities and dissemination of expected and achieved results

As regards in particular the phase of presentation of project proposals, thanks to the experience consolidated over the years, RAM is able to provide concrete support and coordination through:

  • meetings aimed at creating solid and sustainable partnerships, both with public and private subjects
  • precise identification of the needs and the project objectives of the various partners in order to elaborate organic proposals in line with the requirements of the individual calls
  • timely processing of the technical and economic-financial aspects of the project proposals

Projects carried out at European level include study activities as well as infrastructural interventions in the ports of the “core” and “comprehensive” networks of the TEN-T corridors , aimed at developing the Motorways of the Sea in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East. They are part of the programmatic framework of the CEF mechanism and other funding programs at European level, such as ERASMUS +, LIFE, HORIZON 2020 and MED, aimed at developing sustainable transport modes and implementing actions to protect the environment and climate.

Projects in progress

Completed projects

Source: RAM

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