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Revelant Parties Hold Talks To Solve Gioia Tauro Issues

Revelant parties hold talks to solve Gioia Tauro issues

Revelant Parties Hold Talks To Solve Gioia Tauro IssuesSource: Autorità Portuale di Gioia Tauro

Gioia Tauro, Italy (PortSEurope) June 9, 2018 – The president of the region, Mario Oliverio, and president of Autorità portuale di Gioia Tauro (port authority), Francesco Russo, have met today with trade union representatives to discuss issues related to the port.

“A meeting to take stock of the situation of the port of Gioia Tauro and to find a common line on which to converge in order to address the various existing problems. Starting from Zes (special economic zone)”, said Oliverio, “we have taken a series of initiatives to get out of this stagnant situation that was created also as a result of the conflicts between the two businesses at the port: Contship and MSC”.

Russo said that there was €200 million provided in the decree establishing the special economic zone to be implemented for businesses through tax credits, and there are also a series of simplification measures that will be detailed in a special Dpcm (government decree) that have the purpose of encouraging the establishment of businesses in the Zes di Gioia Tauro.

Alongside these national measures, Russo has also announced further simplification procedures that the Region is implementing for companies that operate around the Special Economic Zone with resources allocated to the Suap (Sportello unico per le attività produttive), with reference to the Gioia Tauro Zes .

“In the strategic development document for the Area logistica integrata (Ali – Integrated Logistics Area) of Gioia Tauro, is planned – numerous resources for works related to the port area of ​​Gioia Tauro and among these, the most important work, the west wharf which is decisive for the entire dry dock area.

Source: Regione Calabria

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