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Role Of Aktau And Kuryk Seaports In Development Of Transit Potential Of Kazakhstan

Role of Aktau and Kuryk seaports in development of transit potential of Kazakhstan

Source: Port Aktau
Aktau, Kazakhstan (PortSEurope) February 19, 2020 – The Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan has held a meeting attended by representatives of interested government agencies, sea ports and terminals, and representatives of consignors. The purpose of the event was to review the role of the country’s sea ports in the growth of international trade, and
particularly the container transportation market between Asia and Europe which is driven by China’s new Silk Road economic policy to increase exports of its goods to Europe, which in turn, has led countries along the trade routes to invest on transport corridor logistics. In recent years, railways are delivering more goods to Caspian Sea ports from China in the east and from Iran to the south to be on-transmitted to Europe. Aktau and Kuryk seaports both seek roles in thes transport corridors. Chairman of the Board (President) of Aktau International Sea National Company commercial port, A.n Turikpenbaev, said: “Following the global trends in the development of container transportation, the issue of fully involving the Kazakhstan transport infrastructure in the transportation of goods in containers is our urgent task and a real point of growth in the potential of the port of Aktau”. Aktau International Commercial Sea Port is a modern multi-purpose terminal that allows the transportation of goods from east to west. Its location at the intersection of several transport corridors has a strategic importance for the development of Kazakhstan. Expanding of port capacities will soon allow Kazakhstan to become an active participant in the service of international cargo flows within the global strategic programs. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2019.

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