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Sanmar Shipyards And Corvus Energy Sign Historic Deal At TugTechnology

Sanmar Shipyards and Corvus Energy sign historic deal at TugTechnology

Leading tugboat-builder Sanmar Shipyards and energy storage systems provider Corvus Energy signed a historic co-operation agreement at TugTechnology 2021 to build cutting-edge hybrid and zero-emissions battery electric tugs in a move hailed as a major step forward towards the creation of an environmentally-friendly towage industry – November 14, 2021 The agreement was signed by Sanmar Shipyards Vice President Ali Gurun and Corvus Energy CEO Geir
Bjørkeli in front of an audience of top-level towage industry executives, decision-makers and technical experts at the industry-leading technical conference held in London at the end of October. The signing follows in the wake of the recent HaiSea contract award to Sanmar Shipyards for the construction of three electric tugs for the Canada LNG project. Corvus Energy will supply the battery technology for this new range of Robert Allan Ltd designed tugs. Designated ElectRA 2800, the tugs will utilise a 6,000kWh energy storage capacity, set to achieve an expected bollard pull of 70 tonnes. Each of the three ElectRA 2800 are expected to eliminate approximately 1,700 tonnes of CO2 per annum, thus resulting in total annual savings in excess of 5,000 tonnes compared to even the cleanest modern diesel-powered alternatives. This roughly equates to the carbon emissions of nearly 1,000 cars and is illustrative of the possibilities for some of the world’s busiest marine hubs. The co-operation agreement is expected to accelerate the development and increase the availability of more efficient zero- and low-emission tugs. The two companies will jointly explore and establish a path for the future supply and integration of energy supply systems and fuel cell technology for an even wider range of innovative and cost-effective electric and hybrid tugs. Emphasising the significance of the deal, which came just ahead of the COP26 UN climate change summit in Glasgow, Ali Gurun, Vice President of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “As world leaders gather to discuss how to combat global warming, at Sanmar Shipyards we are proud to be leading the way through technological advance to a greener, more sustainable future for our industry. This agreement allows both companies to draw on their wealth of experience and expertise to put words into action when it comes to protecting the environment while continuing to provide the powerful, cost-effective and efficient tools our industry needs to carry out its essential role in keeping the world trade moving.” Geir Bjørkeli, CEO at Corvus Energy, said: “We are proud to be working with Sanmar Shipyards to help the worlds tug industry to decarbonize. Innovative designs combined with safe and powerful batteries will allow the vessels to operate with higher efficiency and without harming the environment.” Source: Sanmar

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