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Santander Port’s Growth Exceeds Spain’s Average In 2018

Santander port’s growth exceeds Spain’s average in 2018

Santander Port’s Growth Exceeds Spain’s Average In 2018

Santander, Spain (PortSEurope) February 14, 2019 – A 6.4% increase in cargo and passenger traffic in Santander port is double the national average of port agency Puertos del Estado, which was 3.3%. The 46 state-owned ports registered in 2018 a historical traffic record of 563.4 million tonnes, while that of Santander exceeded 5.9 million tonnes.

Traffic of passengers in the set of facilities exceeded last year’s 36 million passengers, of which 25.87 million used regular lines, 4.2% more; cruise ships serviced 10.2 million passengers, an increase of 9.6%. 

Regarding ports adjoining Santander, they registered a lower growth. Even that of Gijón registered a decrease of 9.8%, while Bilbao grew by 4%, Pasaia by 5.5% and Avilés by 4.3%.

Liquid bulk, which accounts for 32.8% of total moved cargo, increased by 1.5% to 180.9 million tonnes; solid bulk, with an 18.6% share of cargo, grew by 0.9% to 102.3 million tonnes; while the general cargo, with 267.5 million tonnes (48.6% of the total of moved goods) experienced an increase of 5.9%.

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