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Sibport To Manage Bilbao Railway Terminal In Arasur Logistics Platform

Sibport to manage Bilbao railway terminal in Arasur logistics platform

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao
Bilbao, Spain (PortSEurope) January 5, 2021 -The Bilbao Port Authority Board of Directors has awarded Servicios Intermodales Bilbaoport (Sibport) the contract to manage its railway terminal in the Arasur logistics platform, located in Rivabellosa, south of Araba. Sibport, which already manages the Jundiz and Pancorbo railway terminals, plans to start operations between Arasur and the Port of Bilbao between January and February next year, with
a weekly container train. This frequency will be expanded as demand increases. The terminal, with an area of ​​63,440 m², has two tracks for receiving and dispatching trains and another two for loading and unloading. The four tracks are 450 meters long with Iberian gauge and the possibility of migration to international gauge (UIC). In addition, a loading and unloading beach has been set up to facilitate the modal exchange of goods. This new rail-port connection constitutes, on the one hand, a strategic opportunity for this logistics platform and promotes the interconnection of the main logistics nodes and transport infrastructures in the Basque Country. On the other hand, it benefits the interests of the Port of Bilbao, by participating in a strategic logistics platform, which will contribute to the capture or consolidation of port traffic and, by extension, will boost its competitiveness. With the new facilities, Araba, and the entire Basque Country, continue the development of the European Union, taking advantage of its exceptional geographical location, its intermodal conditions in transport and a highly competitive logistics platform. The works of the railway siding are the result of the collaboration agreement signed by the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Álava and the Port Authority for the installation of a railway operating base of the Port from Bilbao to Arasur. These works had a budget of €5.28 million ($6.48 million). Likewise, the Port Authority built a mango road, with a budget of €910,000, thanks to an agreement with Talgo to use its rail detour to the main ADIF line for access to the platform. Subsequently, it carried out the urbanization works, which have involved an investment of €4.8 million. The works included, on the one hand, the development of the storage area adjacent to the freight shed with an approximate area of ​​40,000 m² and the access road to the platform with a total length of 120 meters. On the other hand, the project included the construction of a 300 m² management building on two levels of 150 m² each, as well as a warehouse for storage of goods with an approximate surface of 500 m², 20 meters wide and 25 meters wide. meters long, expandable in the future. In total, the investment made in Arasur (including purchase of land, rail connections, urbanization, buildings, etc.) is, for the moment, €15.7 million. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao (APB – Port Authority of Bilbao) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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