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Six Projects Bid For Tarragona’s Ports 4.0 Fund

Six projects bid for Tarragona’s Ports 4.0 fund

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona
All the innovative projects of the Port of Tarragona have been admitted in the first call for Ports 4.0 – six technological solutions presented in this program of financing of innovation of the Spanish port system, coordinated by Puertos del Estado – February 22, 2021 The applications submitted had to respond to the challenges posed after a process of analysis with the main actors in
the logistics sector, in which the areas for improvement and the potential for innovation in the field of digitization, security, environmental protection, efficiency and decarbonization. In this first call, Ports 4.0 has submitted a total of 520 projects and has a budget of €12 million in grants to finance the development and implementation of the winning projects. Of the 520 projects submitted, a total of 313 solutions were accepted. These initiatives move to the final selection phase, which is currently in progress. The Technical Committee for the assessment of Ports 4.0, categorizes the projects into three groups depending on their degree of technological maturity: Idea, pre-commercial phase and commercial phase. The Port of Tarragona has been admitted in the ‘Idea’ category with a project entitled ‘World Friendly / Port’ and, in the ‘pre-commercial phase’, has been admitted with 5 projects: ‘Port Resilience: Rezilio Cascade’, ‘Romvision’, ‘Smart GDS’, ‘Subdrill JC 250’, ‘Sensorización Vidrocorer’. Innovative projects The projects approved and promoted by the Port of Tarragona are the following: Idea World Friendly / Port Provide data and information linked to WFriendly that accelerate the fulfillment of different objectives of sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda and the entry into the fourth industrial revolution in ports. Develop a new port model, the WFriendly / Port, which serves as a common framework to unify criteria and analyze their development globally, and define a WFriendly / Port index that indicates the level of compliance of the model in the ports. For the category ‘PreCommercial’ Port Resilience: Cascade Resilience The aim of this project is based on improving the security and resilience of port facilities through the combination of technologies for digitization of emergency plans and simulation of cascade or domino effects of different infrastructures and services in the Port. Romvision Aimed at implementing a traffic monitoring solution within the port, in real time, without interrupting the flow of traffic, to proactively manage traffic flows, to avoid traffic jams, easily search for vehicles and their movement throughout the Port. Smart Gds Monitor the circulation of heavy traffic inside the enclosure. Propose to the carriers that go to the port the most optimal slots so that their stay in port is the minimum possible, thus improving port operations and reducing the environmental impact caused by vehicle congestion. Connect the scales with a system based on Block Chain technology that inviolably allows the weights to be stored so that they can be consulted by all the agents involved. Subdrill Jc 250 Build an underwater drilling rig, which with the help of a boat would allow geotechnical surveys (both sampling and some tests) underwater without relying on platforms, which are very expensive means of mobilization and use. Instead, an underwater drill could be loaded onto a truck and even a plane to be transported around the world. APT involvement: A 30m wharf section and an adjacent 30 x 30 m esplanade where the pilot can be tested for 2 or 3 days plus assembly and disassembly days Vibrocorer Sensorization The main objective of this project is to address the lack of data during the trial. For this, it is intended to design and develop a parameter reader to be incorporated in VC that allows to obtain parametric data during the execution of the test that can be correlated with properties of the ground tested. Get to know Ports Fund 4.0 The main objective of the Ports 4.0 Fund is to actively promote and incorporate disruptive or incremental innovation as an element of competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability, security and protection in the Spanish logistics-port sector, both public and private to facilitate its transition to the economy 4.0. The budget of €12 million is financed, in its entirety, by the Interport Compensation Fund with the additional 1% provided by the 28 Port Authorities. Each category has an assigned financial endowment. In the case of the ‘Idea’ category, it is 500,000 euros, with a unit aid of 15,000 euros. In the case of the ‘pre-commercial’ category, with an endowment of 7.5 million euros, the aid will consist of a maximum amount of 60% of the costs associated with the innovation component with a maximum limit of 1 million of euros for each proposal. Finally, with a total endowment of 4 million euros, the ‘commercial’ category each solution will receive financial support that will consist of a maximum amount of 80% of the costs associated with the innovation component with a maximum limit of 2 million d ‘euros. With regard to the thematic verticals, we can highlight the logistical efficiency in the field of infrastructure, operations or service provision, the digitization of intelligent processes and platforms, environmental sustainability and energy, and, finally, security and protection. Related to the technologies to develop the projects stand out Information and Communication Technologies´, Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Sensorization and Internet of Things. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona (APT – Port Authority of Tarragona)

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