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Slovenian government agrees to second railway track between Koper and Divača

Koper, Slovenia (PortSEurope) January 28, 2019 – The Slovenian government has agreed to investment in a second railway track between Koper and Divača, a key development for Koper port.

The issue has long been under discussion, but Minister for Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek, says that the project will now go-head. The state company 2TDK, which is managing the project, can now hire the two contractors to start preparations for the project.

The second railway track will be 27 km long with a capacity of 231 trains per day or 43.4 million net tonnes of cargo per year (including the new and the existing track). Completion is scheduled for 2025, with operations starting early in 2026. The second track will be a single track with the possibility of future upgrading to a double-track line.

Based on 2018 figures, 59% of the port’s goods travel by rail, to or from the port. Further rail capacity with central and northern Europe are essential if the port is to remain competitive and increase its cargo handling capacity.

Luka Koper d.d. is the operator of Koper port.

Source: Koper Port

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