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SMART GATE In The Port Of La Spezia

SMART GATE in the port of La Spezia

Autorita’di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale (AdSP – Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority), the Association of Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agents and Customs dealers of the port of La Spezia, the LSCT Terminal have united for another important step forward for the digitization of the port – November 18, 2020 The “ SMART GATE” project has been implemented, which provides for simplifications for the logistics of the last
mile in the port area to support the safety of road transport operators and the passage system. The project was presented this morning at a press conference by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the AdSP, Francesco Di Sarcina; the general secretary of the Port Associations, Salvatore Avena; from the CEO of La Spezia Container Terminal – Contship Group, Alfredo Scalisi, the Commander of the Port Authority, CV Giovanni Stella. Also present were Andrea Fontana, president of the Shipping Agents of the port of La Spezia; Giorgio Bucchioni president of the Maritime Agents Association; Bruno Pisano, ASPEDO President and Alessandro Lagezza, President of Sistema Porto. Today, before entering the port, hauliers must face a complex bureaucratic process, but, above all, waiting times in some hours of the days and in peak seasons, which often lead to queues, waits and gatherings. Furthermore, in times of COVID19 emergency, it was necessary to activate social distancing. Therefore, the models of work organization were rethought with innovative times and methods. These are the objectives of the project (which will start in the first months of 2021 and will consist of two phases, a PRE-VARCO, managed by the passage shippers, and a POST-VARCO, managed by LSCT): to allow the haulier to never leave the own truck in all the phases necessary to access the port gate, guaranteeing and performing all the gate services intended as: access security, customs and terminal controls and interchange the SMART GATE project conceived by technical collaboration between LSCT and the Association of Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agents and Customs dealers of the Port of La Spezia, with the administrative contribution of the AdSP and Harbor Master’s Office consists of a completely automated path that will guarantee, through the use of tools to avant-garde, a management of gate operations in line with the most modern procedures to support hauliers directly and the entire city traffic around the port. In the pre-passage phase, the customs document management is carried out electronically where road hauliers, passage shippers and authorities are involved with a digital process that fulfills the required obligations In the post-entry phase , the management of the import / export interchange and LSCT gate activities are envisaged through the use of advanced technologies of the latest generation OCR, APP and IT systems. Di Sarcina: “The SMART GATE is the further result, by now acquired, which projects the port of La Spezia towards high standards of quality and efficiency. Having obtained this tool, aligned with the most modern digital technologies, capable of responding to the needs imposed by the containment of COVID, is the demonstration that the port cluster, understood as a virtuous set of public and private functions, is capable of working for the common good , keeping national interest high compared to our airport “. Scalisi said: “The initiative, once again, demonstrates the close synergy and the communion of intentions of a port community that wants to grow and develop to meet new market needs. A real “port system” that sees the speed and digitalization of processes as the fulcrum of the port service offer of the near future. LSCT, together with the head of the Contship Group, have been and will be alongside the territory and the companies that revolve around the terminal and the services that arise from it with the aim of growing, with the support of the competent authorities, and consolidating the role of Spezia on the map of the main European gateway ports. “ Avena added: “ Freight forwarders, Agents and Customs dealers of the Port of La Spezia have always distinguished themselves, even at a national level, for having been able to anticipate both operational and technological innovations. This philosophy, which always looks to the future, has contributed to making our Port a recognized example of efficiency, where the basis is a constant relationship of collaboration and sharing with the main terminal operator, LSCT, on the main system projects. Smart Gate represents the new growth opportunity, together with LSCT and supported by the Authorities, we take the opportunity to make our contribution in terms of innovation to favor the economy and environmental sustainability of our Port. “ CV Stella commented : “The realization of this project represents the umpteenth demonstration of how, in La Spezia, the various Authorities / Bodies – working in perfect synergy – can obtain results in line with the expectations of users and, therefore, of the community. In the transport system the “time factor” is essential and in this port for years we have been working on a high automation of processes for the drastic reduction of waiting times, while the control functions by the competent authorities remain unchanged “. Source: Autorita’di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale (AdSP – Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority)

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