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“Smart Ports. Piers Of The Future” To Make Barcelona World Capital Of Port Innovation

“Smart Ports. Piers of the Future” to make Barcelona world capital of port innovation

Source: Barcelona Port
Barcelona, Spain (PortSEurope) November 3, 2019 – The “Smart Ports. Piers of the Future” event, to be held November 19-21 locally, will make Barcelona the world capital of port innovation. Held within the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona port will present the most advanced projects that it is developing in relation to innovation and digital transformation. The president of the Port of Barcelona,
​​Mercè Conesa, said that “the ports of Barcelona, ​​Antwerp, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Montreal and Rotterdam will share an exhibition space of 150 m² from where we will present to the world the most innovative solutions that will allow us to meet the challenges we have set in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability”. The innovation strategy of the Port of Barcelona, ​​based on guaranteeing the sustainable development of port activity with value proposals adapted to the current and future needs of customers, the Port Community and society as a whole, will have a clear role during the three days of the Smart City Expo World Congress. As Mercè Conesa recalled during a presentation of the event, one of the main objectives of this strategy is “to minimize the impact of port activity on the environment and therefore we promote actions that reduce emissions from this activity”, such as the electrification of docks, one of the projects that will be presented to the “Smart Ports.Piers of the Future” and that is called “Power to Ship”. The president of the Port of Barcelona has explained that this action “will involve an investment of more than €60 million and it will allow us to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides by 51% and those of suspended particles by 25% in 2030. With this project, we will also be equipped with an intelligent electricity network, capable of ‘optimizing the generation of energy and its consumption”. Emma Cobos, director of Business Development of the Port of Barcelona, ​​has been in charge of explaining the Smart Ports agenda as well as the rest of the projects that the Catalan Port will present and that are the Container Tracking Aplication (CTA), “application that allows know at all times where a container is located that passes through the Port using only its container number and the scale of the ship”; the Virtual Gates, “application with which we know everything that happens in the accesses of the container terminals” and that “allows us to make precise forecasts in 24-48 hours”, making the entire logistics chain more efficient; and Smart Maritime Traffic Management, a solution developed by the maritime operations department to optimize the traffic of the Port of Barcelona, ​​improving safety and sustainability thanks to a careful information of the ships, their situation and the actions of the different port services. Emma Cobos made a summary of the projects that will be presented by the five ports that accompany Barcelona in this “Smart Ports.Piers of the Future” and recalled that, in addition to presenting this and other initiatives related to innovation and digital transformation, They will also organize two parallel events, the Smart Ports Summit and the Summit Sustainability, aimed at executives of the sector. The Director of Business Development of the Port of Barcelona recalled that “the ports are immersed in a global change to be increasingly sustainable, efficient and socially responsible. We must be able to guarantee sustainable growth in all areas. This is the policy that we have had for some time in the Port of Barcelona and that we have been in charge of spreading before different international institutions “ This work of years has allowed that, today, the Port of Barcelona can lead an event like this and have the support of the most advanced international ports in innovation, such as those in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Montreal. The Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s first fair on smart cities, with a forecast of 25,000 visitors and more than 1,000 exhibitors from 150 countries, where around 700 cities will be represented. The hall will feature more than 60 parallel events and more than 400 conferences. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2019.

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