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Spain’s Government Opposes European Commission, Defends Port Tax Exemptions

Spain’s government opposes European Commission, defends port tax exemptions

Spain’s Government Opposes European Commission, Defends Port Tax Exemptions

Barcelona, Spain (PortSEurope) January 10, 2019 – The warning of the European Commission for Spain to put an end to exemptions to the payment of corporate taxes between ports has fallen like a jug of cold water in national ports agency Puertos del Estado. The institution has acknowledged that the announcement came by surprise and marks a point of rigidity in the negotiations that had been maintained with Brussels since 2017. 

The recommendation was issued without prior notice, offering two months to begin preparing a new fiscal framework that respects European regulations. Despite this, Puertos del Estado says that its position open to dialogue is not changed “in order to achieve a technical solution that satisfies the parties”. The EC states that the current tax exemptions could constitute state aid.

The president of the entity, Ornella Chacón, has sent a message of tranquility to the port authorities, to which she guarantees that “she will defend the current system of exemptions” throughout the negotiations with the EC.

Chacón and her team consider that the talks are still in force and insist that the tax exemptions in the ports of the country do not go against the community law. In this case, the Spanish government claims to defend the same arguments as those of France, Belgium, Holland and Italy, “which reinforces the idea that exemptions are common instruments in the Member States of the EU.”

Source: Cinco Días

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