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Spanish Dockers Call Off The Strike Scheduled For November 25

Spanish dockers call off the strike scheduled for November 25

Madrid, Spain (PortSEurope) November 25, 2019 – Spanish dock workers, represented by Anesco, have decided to call off the strike scheduled for today, after long negotiation to achieve consensus text of the Fifth Framework Agreement. This agreement is pending the final approval of the Negotiating Commission (la Comisión Negociadora) but the workers believe that it meets the minimum conditions to obtain it, so they have
agreed to hold a session this November 25 at 12.00 at the headquarters of Puertos del Estado, in order to ratify it and submit it to the co-chairs for consideration. According to the note, once the agreement has been ratified by said Commission, the strike will be definitively called off, since the objective has always been to achieve an active and good-faith negotiation that guarantees the use of port dockers and protects the negotiations of the agreements on each of the ports, negotiations that must take place before the end of the year. There is still a hard work ahead, as the next step is to negotiate and adapt collective agreements to legislation, but the workers are satisfied that the wisdom and responsibility of all parties have prevailed. “This will allow us to return to normality as soon as possible and continue working together to grow the ports so that they are still the most competitive in Europe, said a statement from the dockers. Anesco now awaits a ruling by the CNMC, the Spanish competition regulator responsible for enforcing competition law. Puertos del Estado is a state-owned organisation responsible for the management of state-owned ports. The company executes the port policy of the government and coordinates and controls the efficiency of the port system, made up of 28 port authorities that manage the 46 ports of general interest. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2019.

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