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Support Of Spanish Ports To Valenciaport Projects

Support of Spanish ports to Valenciaport projects

Support Of Spanish Ports To Valenciaport ProjectsSource: Valenciaport

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) December 1, 2018 – In the framework of the annual meeting of El Fondo de Compensación Interportuario (Interport Compensation Fund) held last week in the port of Valencia, port presidents echoed the importance it represents for Valencia and the Valencian Community, for Aragon and for Spain in general, of the inclusion of the rail tracks Valencia-Zaragoza and Valencia-Madrid in the priority corridors of the European Union.

Thus, the president of Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga (APM – Port Authority of Málaga), Paulino Plata, said that “given the need that exists in our country for good connections between railways and ports, any progress in this regard will be very appropriate for the future of the economy of the country. This connection will further facilitate the port’s penetration of the  the interior of the peninsula. “On the same line, the president of Autoridad Portuaria de Santander (APS – Port Authority of Santander), Jaime Gonzalez, congratulated Valencia and Zaragoza on the news and put value on the need for the port of Valencia to be connected to the most important logistics centres in the northern area of ​​Spain: “It is fundamental that the port of Valencia is properly connected in goods by rail as it is already in passengers with its main market such as Madrid, in fact, it is something that arrives late”.

For his part, Manuel Gracia Navarro, president of the Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla (APS – Port Authority of Seville) highlighted the impact of the inclusion of the corridors for the entire Spanish port system: “The inclusion of both sections is very important not only for Valencia but for the system of Spanish ports. From a strategy of competition between ports we have to move on to a strategy of cooperation and collaboration because what benefits Valencia will benefit us all. Gracia Navarro also expressed the intention to develop relations between both ports: “For us, the port of Valencia has special relevance, at the moment both port authorities are in talks to intensify traffic, especially rail”, he said.

The meeting allowed the directors of the Spanish port system to visit the facilities and learn about the projects in which Valenciaport works. In a unanimous way, the port representatives showed great satisfaction in knowing the projections first-hand. In this sense, the president of the port of Malaga stressed that “the port of Valencia has a spectacular development process, in fact, it is one of the most dynamic in Europe. Projects such as the expansion show the commitment of the autonomous community and the port authority to provide more wealth and welfare. For his part, the president of the port of Cádiz said that the magnitude of the projects in which he works is a reflection of “the port of Valencia is one of the reference ports of Spain by volume, growth or facilities.”

During her first official visit to the port of Valencia, the president of Puertos del Estado, María Ornella Chacón, said that “the port of Valencia is a port with great activity. The ports are economy, jobs, families that live on the port activity and, therefore, when I visit a port with such economic diversity, what I see behind is precisely a social development for the city and the community in which it is inserted. “

The port of Valencia will contribute in 2019, with €5 million to the Compensation Fund Interportuario.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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