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Tanger Med Deploys Its Plan Against Covid-19 Virus

Tanger Med deploys its plan against Covid-19 virus

News – Tanger Med deploys its plan against Covid-19 virus – April 2, 2020 In the current coronavirus epidemic, Tanger Med Port Authority’s priority is to adopt preventive measures to protect the health of users and ensure the continuity of national and global supply chains. Thus, Tanger Med port has set up a business continuity plan, has equipped itself with all the human and material
resources, and has implemented all the specific measures to ensure the best sanitary conditions for its users. It is in this context that disinfection operations of port facilities are continuously carried out by highly qualified teams supervised by the Border Health Control Service. Also, all accesses to the port are equipped with thermal cameras and IR thermometers to monitor the body temperature of users and the ground has been traced at the various assembly points to ensure compliance with the distancing rules. In addition to the sanitary measures enacted by the public authorities and the awareness-raising signage to encourage users to adopt barrier measures, Tanger Med port has installed hydro-alcoholic gels and disinfectant liquid dispensers in all public areas and distributes personal protective equipment to all its employees and partners of the various administrations. Source: Tanger Med Port Authority

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