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Tarragona Port Hosts Conference Of Iran’s Petrochemical Industry

Tarragona port hosts conference of Iran’s petrochemical industry

Tarragona Port Hosts Conference Of Iran’s Petrochemical Industry

Tarragona, Spain (PortSEurope) June 22, 2018 – Tarragona port (Port de Tarragona) hosted the ‘Petrochemical Day’, the first edition of a workshop on the petrochemical industry of Iran that seeks to consolidate the port as a petrochemical ‘hub’ in the Mediterranean.

Fifty entrepreneurs from Spain and Iran, including consultants, investors, consignors, representatives of terminals and institutions, participate today and tomorrow in the first edition of the Petrochemical Day, a workshop on the petrochemical industry of Iran organized by port of Tarragona and held at the Seminar. This workshop will become an annual event.

The president of the port of Tarragona and president of the ChemMed cluster, Josep Andreu, has been in charge of opening the presentations. In his speech he highlighted the extension of the Química quay as an example of joint work between the port and concessionary companies to enhance the leadership of the Tarragona enclave as a hub of the Mediterranean in petrochemical products, a sector that moves 20 million tonnes per year.

As Andreu said, one of the main assets of the Port of Tarragona is its infrastructure dedicated to liquid bulk and its potential as a hub in the Mediterranean region. In order to promote its advantages and enable sustainable development in the futures market, Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona’s (Port Authority of Tarragona) commercial strategy has been included in a key action that will allow the port’s visibility, the organization of thematic days with format workshop, like the Petrochemical Day.

This initiative will be used to create opportunities for the territory and the exchange of key information on the market, as well as discovering a future market, focused on different countries, to highlight the business opportunities linked to the petrochemical industry. This year’s edition is dedicated to Iran and that of 2019 will be about South Korea.

Iran has a very important growth potential in several sectors, but it is a complex market due to the current political situation. That is why it is important to be well informed and meet partners and entities that facilitate the opening to this market. Europe is a mature market and, therefore, businesses must seek new business opportunities outside their borders. Historically, Spain has had a privileged relationship with this country, with which it had agreements and ties that today allow us to refocus ourselves in this future market. For this reason, the port of Tarragona decided to dedicate this first Petrochemical Day to Iran.

Source: Port de Tarragona

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