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The “ECO Valencia” Vessel Arrives In Valencia

The “ECO Valencia” vessel arrives in Valencia

Source: PortSEurope
The ship is the first unit of the Grimaldi shipping company of the Green 5th Generation class, a hybrid vessel that guarantees zero emissions in port – November 20, 2020 Next Tuesday the Port Authority of València will hold a reception with the exchange of metopes Aurelio Martínez: “Grimaldi and Valenciaport are very committed to the environment and to the EU directives that want to
eliminate carbon from ports” The “ECO Valencia”, the first of the 12 hybrid ships of the Grimaldi shipping company of the Green Generation class (GG5G), arrives this afternoon at the Port of València. The Port Authority of València (APV) has organized a reception for the Italian shipping company ship next Tuesday where the traditional exchange of metopes will take place, in this case the “socarrat”, the Valencian baked clay tile decorated with marine elements that They are delivered in the gift exchange events that take place when a ship arrives at port for the first time. The Italian-flagged ship is the world’s largest ro-ro unit dedicated to short sea shipping and can transport 7,800 linear meters of wheeled goods, equivalent to around 500 trailers. The cargo capacity of its garages is double that of the largest ships currently operated by the Neapolitan group; however, the new ship consumes the same amount of fuel at the same speed. This means twice the efficiency in terms of emissions per ton transported. The Italian Naval Registry (RINA) has awarded Eco Valencia the “Green Plus” class, the highest level RINA certification in the field of environmental sustainability. The “Green Plus” recognizes the design solutions, the on-board systems and the operational procedures implemented, both during the construction phase and during the operational phase. All this, with the aim of improving environmental performance beyond the minimum levels required by international regulations. Eco Valencia is the first of the 12 vessels in the GG5G class that the Grimaldi Group has commissioned from the Chinese shipyard Jinling. It measures 238 meters long and 34 meters wide, has a gross tonnage of 67,311 tons and a cruising speed of 20.8 knots. Of the 12 units, nine will be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea and another three will be operated by the Finnlines company, of the Grimaldi Group, in northern Europe. The greenest boat The GG5G class design was conceived by the Grimaldi Group’s Energy Saving and Technical Department in collaboration with the Danish naval design studio Knud E. Hansen. Highly innovative elements already partially patented and protected by copyright have been incorporated: the air lubrication system, which gives the ship the prestigious “AIR-LUB” notation certified by RINA; the optimized Rolls-Royce powertrain with innovative propellers; the integrated propulsion system between rudder and propeller (Promas Lite); the recovery of residual heat (waste heat recovery), and the application of silicone paints on the helmet. The new GG5G class ships are equipped with state-of-the-art electronically controlled engines, and use fossil fuels in navigation and electricity while parked in port, guaranteeing “Zero Emission in Port®”. During the stop at the dock, the energy needs of the activities on board can be met thanks to the electricity stored by lithium batteries that are recharged during navigation thanks to the shaft generators and 600 square meters of solar panels. On board the GG5G ships, exhaust gas purification systems are also installed to reduce sulfur and particulate emissions. Mario Massarotti, CEO of the Grimaldi Group in Spain The CEO of the Grimaldi Group in Spain, Mario Grimaldi, has indicated that “we are very happy to welcome in Spain this green ship, unique in the world, sustainable, hybrid and with low emissions. In a few weeks, Eco Barcelona will arrive to join the fleet that operates between Spain and Italy. These warehouses are at the service of customers, carriers and automobile companies, to whom we thank for their support since with their trust they demonstrate responsibility for the environment. Operating in a sustainable way is a priority for us and doing it in the Ports of Barcelona and València is a sign of our commitment to this country “ Aurelio Martínez, president of the Port Authority of València For the president of the PAV “the Eco Valencia is another demonstration that the Grimaldi Group is perfectly in line with the decarbonification objective of the port of Valencia. We meet the same objectives and we are both very committed to the environment and to the EU directives that want to remove carbon from ports. We wish the Grimaldi company every success with whom we share a very promising future for future generations. Furthermore, Valencia and its port community are grateful to the Italian Group that the first of twelve such important and environmentally friendly ships bears the name of Eco Valencia and makes a stopover in our city ”. Mercè Conesa, president of the Port of Barcelona “The premiere of Grimaldi Lines’ Eco Valencia vessel reinforces the shipping company’s commitment to sustainability. For the Port of Barcelona, ​​it is very important that a partner of Grimaldi’s relevance is aligned with our strategy of decarbonizing maritime and port activity and there is no doubt that the company’s investments in modernizing its fleet are in line with this. . Grimaldi Lines has already demonstrated its commitment to a green future and today it is doing so again and, furthermore, it contributes to achieving the objective that we have set for the Port of Barcelona of being an emissions-neutral port ”. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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