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Tianjin Port Delegation Visits Lisbon

Tianjin port delegation visits Lisbon

Tianjin Port Delegation Visits Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal (PortSEurope) July 3, 2019 – Associação dos Portos de Portugal has reported that a delegation of 10 members from the Municipality and Port of Tianjin, led by the Vice-Mayor of the Chamber, have visited Lisbon port and were received by the President of the Port of Lisbon, Lídia Sequeira.

As with other visits of Chinese port delegations to south European ports, the main topics covered were the management and operation of the port, the relationship with the various stakeholders in the port and the efficiency of the cargo logistics chain, along with the operation of the cruise activity in Lisbon.

The demonstration of the JUP application and its evolution to the Single Logistics Window deserved special interest on the part of the delegation and it showed great interest in the establishment of future cooperation partnerships.

The port of Tianjin, formerly known as the port of Tanggu, is the largest port in Northern China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing.

In June this year, the Chinese government indicated an interest in investing in a new container terminal in the port of Sines, which would be part of the ‘Rota da Seda’ project (new Silk Road).

Separately, the port has also had visitors from the Port of Vitória, Brazil, who were interested in the concessions and licenses of the freight terminals in the port of Lisbon, due to the transformation period that the Brazilian port sector is currently undergoing.

Also, the port received 25 representatives from various ministries in Bulgaria, led by the World Bank’s Infrastructure Finance and PPPs department, which, in addition to discussing issues related to the regime, monitoring and port concessions, had the opportunity to visit the Santa Apolónia Container Terminal (Sotagus) and the Lisbon Cruise Terminal (LCP).

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